The regular meeting of the Town Board of St. Armand was held on the above date at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.

PRESENT:     Supervisor Joyce W. Morency, Deputy Supervisor, Charles Whitson, Jr.                                     Councilmen Earl J. Dakin, Jr., Samuel Grimone, Thomas Jones, Town                          Clerk Cynthia A. Woodson, Highway Superintendent Roger Oliver, Town                          Historian Don Amell.

GUESTS:       Sandy Hayes, DeForest & Arlene Tinkler, John Jones, Sue Jones, Connie                                     and Bucky Willette, Don and Gail Perryman, Paul Woodruff, and Charles                                   Thomas.

            Supervisor Morency called the meeting to order at 7: 00 P.M.

            The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Town Clerk, Cindy Woodson.


            A motion was made by Councilman Grimone, and seconded by Councilman Dakin, to accept the Special Board meeting minutes of April 11, 2008, Regular Town Board meeting minutes of May 13th, and Special Board meeting minutes of June 3rd. All were in favor. Motion carried.


            GENERAL: Vouchers #109 - 138, Abstract #6                    $39,254.36

            HIGHWAY: Vouchers # 95 - 112, Abstract #6                     $10,182.13

            WATER & SEWER: Vouchers # 60 - 75, Abstract #6          $ 8,382.48

            RESERVOIR: Vouchers #39 – 40, Abstract #3                    $16,961.72


            A motion was made by Councilman Grimone, and seconded by Councilman Whitson, to accept and pay this month’s bills. All were in favor. Motion carried.


            RECEIPTS:                                                    $ 93,247.08

            DISBURSEMENTS:                                      $ 128,813.99

            CHECKING BALANCES:                            $ 113,861.52

            SAVINGS BALANCES:                               $ 670,537.09

            CASH BALANCES:                                      $ 784,398.61

            WATER & SEWER BALANCE                   $ 41,977.98

            A motion was made by Councilman Whitson, and seconded by Councilman Jones, to accept the Supervisor’s Report, the Water & Sewer Report, and Financial Reports. All were in favor. Motion carried.

TOM: The bill expense from Duffy Builders for the Shuttle Station seems high.

JOYCE: All the steps were replaced at the bins, the metal bin, and the recycle bin. Pressure treated wood was used and will last a long time.


TOM: What about Tim Reyell’s higher medical insurance cost and was it prorated? Connie Willette stated that the reason is that higher because of two months payments getting into the system.


Paul addressed his questions to Councilman Jones.

PAUL: I believe that you are the Democratic chair or co-chair for the Town of St. Armand.

TOM: I’m co-chair for the Democratic Party for the Town of St. Armand.

PAUL: I only have a few questions. First off, as you know my mother is a Democrat. My understanding is that, she’s been taken off the Election Board as a Democrat inspector.

TOM: We as Chairman and Co-Chairman, we nominate a list of people for representatives for the town, and we make the selection of the people from the list.

I was running for office as a Democrat and there was a sign up during the campaign in your mother’s front yard supporting a Republican. So, I didn’t feel she was a good candidate.

PAUL: There’s more than one person that lived in that house at the time. My mother’s been a Democrat for 40 years on the election board. She might question you with this. You have every right; I’m not even questioning that part of it. My point is if you do the “low-ball”, you go over and tell her, “We’re taking you off.” Be man enough to do that.

She deserves that for what she’s done, maybe not as much as you, but what she does, her thing, for the town. Be man enough to go over and tell her. She may not like it; how she didn’t know she got “blackballed.”

TOM: I told you my reason and that was my reason.

PAUL: That’s fine.

TOM: Now, you told me and I told you, we’re even.

PAUL: Okay, but there were two people in that household at that time. Now, I know what’s really going on and you do too, and we’ll go from there.

JOYCE: I would like to say to everybody that Tommy is absolutely right. His wife and he are chair and co-chair of the Democrat party in the Town of St. Armand. I think the problem was that Shirley and Nancy Swinyer has worked thirty-some years and twenty-some years and I think Shirley was hoping to get forty, but her name was removed and it’s done through a process of the Democrat chair. Tom can do that by saying, “I want this person this person and this person, and not saying Shirley and Nancy who were not any of those people. So they may, say something to the county. In the computer, at the county, they couldn’t find any record on Shirley after thirty-some years, and her name disappears, just as Nancy’s did. The problem is, is that they are really, really strong Democrats, always had been; and we are that way in whatever party we’re in.

I would like to say them, they put so many years in, in this town hall on Election Day, and it’s a horrible, hard day. Not always sitting around visiting all day. They come in before six in the morning and stay as late as ten or eleven o’clock at night. They lunch here they don’t leave; it’s a very, very long day. It’s like a community service, as far as I’m concern, as to what they do for whichever party it is. I just want both of those ladies to know that we as a board, I’m sure, would like to thank them for their years of service. It’s too bad it had to end that way.

JOHN: Is that the same way that you…. the same thing happened with the Grievance Board where someone was on it and was never told that they were off it.

JOYCE: That person never came to the Board and say that he wanted to stay on it.

There’s never been any connection….

JOHN: I don’t have to go to my boss every two weeks and say I want to keep my position.

JOYCE: The position expired on September 30th of whatever year you are talking about, your brother Tom; and he never came and said he wanted to be back on that board and it was very clear and known and mentioned many times at our board meeting that we were looking for someone. We looked and looked before our deadline.

JOHN: Okay.

TOM: I ran for elections and didn’t think I should. I expected to win and I didn’t feel that I should be on the board.

JOYCE: That’s probably a good point.

PAUL: Just that, I understand you (Tom) have every right…

TOM: Yes, people seem to believe that once their on that; it’s a lifetime position and it’s not.


            Gail Perryman said that the Penny Saver/Trader paper is advertising the wrong time for the St. Armand meetings. Supervisor Morency will check on that.


            Supervisor Morency stated that the repair bill from Fuller for the water break was $16,822.33. That’s part of our bills tonight, and has to do a drawdown to get the money.

Councilman Grimone stated that Jim told him tonight that the men were here in two hours and the equipment ready to operate in three hours. Supervisor Morency stated that it happened on Mother’s Day and the water got shut off as quickly as possible.


            Supervisor Morency stated that she received a letter from Sunmount Developmental Office. They quite often go out into the community and look for homes. This one is located on 88 Rockledge Lane. They wish to put five adults, developmental disabled in that home. It’s the Fischer’s home. It basically says: “Please be further advised that under 42.34 of the Mental Hygiene Law, you have the option within 40 days to approve this site, offer an alternative location, reject this site, or not reply at all, which will imply your approval.” Sam, can I turn this over to you to look at this?

SAM: Yes

TOM: Is this a personal thing in it to the community or the Town Board?

JOYCE: Well, we have to make a decision if we’re to do one of those steps. I would like Sam to do a little research on it.

SAM: Make phone calls, etc.

JOYCE: Right, but we have the 40 days to decide if we want to do one of those four things I just read off.


JOYCE: Let’s get started on the truck. On June 3rd we had a meeting to discuss going out to bid for a town truck for the highway. We ended up in discussion then we recess that meeting for Roger to do some more checking out the different things we wanted to check out.

ROGER: I was asked to do more research and I did for another three to four days. The specs that I put together I said were from the specs we had at the garage from years ago and people thought that they were more of an M. A. Jerry bid. So, I brought the bids that I had used to specs out the last three trucks for the Town. The first one came from Bailey’s Ford in 1993 and then this set of specs wasn’t improved on in ten years, because Bailey’s Ford went out of business, so there was no other truck dealer around until M.A. Jerry came in. So, we took this set of specs and the other set of specs for the 2000 truck. Then from this set of specs we made the specs for the 2004 tandem. Those are the four sets of specs we went on.

The second thing in talking about Sterling they didn’t think it was fair because they couldn’t put a bid in on the truck because of the engine and other things. So, what I did was called around.

With the Peterbilt trucks, you can have a Peterbilt, a Caterpillar, or a Cummins engine put in. Those are the three engines they offer if you go and spec on their trucks.

The next truck was International. When you spec a truck from them, you can use Caterpillar, Cummins, Mac Force, or a DT 466. Those are the engines that they can put in their trucks when you spec them out. Mack uses a Cummins, Volvo, a Mack, or a Caterpillar engine. Those are the engines they use when you spec on their trucks.

I called Sterling in Albany and talked to man named Steve and he said that Sterling, as long as you don’t go to a tandem size truck, uses Caterpillar, Mercedes, Detroit, and Cummins up to a 300 horse. Then I called commercial trucking and I don’t know if they are in Watertown or Albany, but I talked to a man named Bud and he told me the same thing. Every truck that’s out on the market puts in different engines. I got phone numbers from Albany, the guy’s name is Steve, and is 382-7659 and the Commercial Trucking is Bud at 229-5362.

After I did that, I did call around and last year’s International engines did have computer problems with it catching fires. They have worked on it and got most of the bugs out of it, but they did have the trouble with them and they were burning up. A truck just sitting there all of the sudden just catch fire. That was with the computer problems they had. That was definitely true about the Cummins engines, but the guy I talked to said they had overcome that, but wait to see if others trucks burn up.

I went down to the County and sat down with Gary who does all the spec works for the State Contracts on all county equipment. State contracts has changed so much in the last fifteen years, that you can basically now go down and bid on a New York State Contract, your own truck like you would with a dealer. Before, it was whatever the State wanted to give you. Now, they have two or three different trucks a year and they allow you to spec it out anyway you want.

I went down to the County for two days with Gary and between his specs he does for the county and the specs I wanted for the Town, we built a truck on state contract. I presented it to Dave Pyfrom. He’s the one who does the contracting for municipalities on State contract.

I have a truck built on state contract for the Town of St. Armand. My recommendation is, at this point after doing the specs through state contract, I would like to see us not go out to bid, or anything to dealers at this point and take advantage of this state contract and get it done. That’s my proposal for the new truck. I also called Saranac Lake and they have two Sterling’s and they have Cat. Engines in theirs, and two in Saranac Hollow and they have Sterling’s engines. They preferred a Cummins but after 300 horse, they couldn’t get a Cummins.

SAM: Roger, I want to thank you for doing this.

JIM: He did an excellent job on it.

JOYCE: Everyone has a handout on the contract. It would have been about $195,000 with the retail price when you add the other figures together. With the discount it is $119,329,19. Add the delivery charge of $320.00 and then the plow and accessories for $56,096.99. The Allison transmission has a discount of $7,719.20. Roger talked about adding a bumper to bumper warranty, one year is with the package, and for the 2nd year it’s $1,250.00 and the Allison Transmission 3 year warranty in the package and two more years bringing it to a five year warranty is $375.00. The bottom line total is $169,331.98, which has been worked up by Roger, Gary and with help from the guy from the State contract plus, this is a 2009 Mack truck.

JIM: The Mack truck is heavier than what you originally were going to do.

ROGER: This is a little bit heavier. That is the difference between a Mack and International. The axel is heavier, put in extra springs to make it completely heavy duty. Which we need for the plow and wings anyway. We would have had to put in that stuff in extra and they already have it.

JOYCE: If we order this today, the process with the State contract people, is to get a resolution and pass the resolution, a purchase order is sent down to their office with this package and my signature on it; then the process starts. If that happens, the manufacture will bill us for the truck and be about September 15th before building the truck. Add another 60 days for the body parts. It will be November 15th.

SAM: October 1st is when you have to order it by before they start building the truck?

ROGER: You have to order it by June 27th to get this price.

TOM: So the bottom line for the truck, accessories, plow, and warranty is $169,331.98.

JOYCE: Just so you know, we don’t have to talk about funding it tonight but it will municipal leasing or Dan Manning (St. Armand Town’s Attorney) will help to find a bank with less interest. We will get all the figures and compare. This way we don’t have to drain our account, we do have $130,000 in our equipment account.

TOM: So, St. Armand is considering purchase or lease?

JOYCE: For funding, Tom?

TOM: Yes.

JOYCE: Yes, we’ll have to look at the lease, the municipal lease and go over that thoroughly, or we will talk about bonding. The determination of the two will depend on the lowest interest rates. Dan Manning said he will help with the paperwork if we decide to do a bond.

JOYCE: Because of the confusion on the bidding process, we are going to hopefully buy this truck through state contract which totally eliminates the bidding process.

SAM: Joyce, it seems there’s a little item of business that we have to formerly take care of before we officially address this. We actually have an open meeting.

JOYCE: We can officially adjourn that.

SAM: In this meeting?

JOYCE: Yes, seeing that this meeting got here before that.

SAM: I’ll make a motion that we adjourn that special meeting.

JIM: I like to second that motion.

JOYCE: This will adjourn the special meeting we had on June 3rd.

JOYCE: Someone offer me a resolution allowing me to send the paperwork down to

the State.


Councilman Whitson, who moved its adoption, offered the following resolution.

WHEREAS A Resolution of the Town Board of St. Armand authorizing Supervisor Joyce W. Morency to execute and sign the State Contract for the 2009 Mack Truck for the Highway Department.

This Resolution was duly seconded by Councilman Dakin, and adopted as follows:

            Supervisor Joyce W. Morency                       AYE

            Deputy Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr.        AYE

            Councilman Earl J. Dakin, Jr.                         AYE

            Councilman Samuel Grimone                        AYE

            Councilman Thomas C. Jones                                    AYE

_________________________________                  Dated: June 10, 2008

Cynthia A. Woodson

St. Armand Town Clerk

JOYCE: The whole purpose of the state contract is they have already done the bidding for the municipalities. I didn’t know until recently how much they’ve changed it; what you want and before it was cheaper but not what you wanted.

SAM: Roger, thank you for an excellent job.

ROGER: Thank you.

CHARLIE: The extra added information made it all worthwhile and while you were in Elizabethtown. When you were down in Elizabethtown, did you get the opportunity to test drive their vehicle down there which is more or less along the same line as to what you wanted.

ROGER: Yes, but it was a tandem.


JOYCE: Coleman Burke working for the cell tower. He said the lease went down to Verizon and now going up the higher ladder to be signed. It will be about three more weeks. A signed lease will be coming soon. The engineer liked the location. Hopefully, the end of July the APA permits may be ready. I also call Dan Manning and he said he called the legal department that he was dealing with this on behalf of our lease. The lawyer said not to worry we are in the pipeline and she was going to check out our whereabouts.


JOYCE: The bleachers are ordered. Sam was able to save some money using a different company. We have three sets of bleachers coming to the ballpark. On June 6th, 8:30 p.m. from a lady in town that down the ball park there were three kids that have tried to break in at the front door. I have their names and it came from another kid. These are some of the same kids raising heck down there year after year. How do you want me to handle this?

TOM: Call the State Police. We’re not the police.

JOYCE: Let them call them and the parents can get involved.

CHARLIE: At least it will be on record in case there is another incident.

SAM: Did they do any physical damages?

JOYCE: I don’t know, they were trying to get the door unlock and using something to force it.

SAM: This came from a fourth kid?

JOYCE: Well, Pam Bombard called me and her granddaughter, Jaime, was down at the ballpark and came home. It was 8:30 when she called me and told her these kids were trying to get into the building. Now, is that true? We need to check it out.

CHARLIE: I will check the lock. I have one question though, is there any reason why we should allow a pallet to be standing up at the end of the building? Other than maybe to gain access possibly to get on the roof and such? I’ll take it away.


JOYCE: The Bloomingdale Auxiliary Department, Norma Howard came to see me about using the youth building for a film night at the park on August 8th. They want to cook hotdogs and show a film outside on the field. I told her I didn’t want to commit to that until I talked to the board. With a brand new building, we got to have new guidelines. The supplies are what we need to talk about.

TOM: We could have in the rules to have a $100.00 deposit, and if everything is alright then they get their money back. If not, if there is a window broken, etc. the money is there.

JOYCE: There are a lot of things to think about. If the board can come up with some rules and we can go over them.

CONNIE: You need to check on insurance coverage.

SAM: Joyce, you can call the Fish and Game Club to get a copy of how they have their rules.

TOM: Last Fall at budget time, Ed asked for a $1,000 for a band come down in the park. Anyone follow up on that?

JOYCE: I don’t have time to do that. It was a wish he asked for and he would have done it. I have a little more than I can do. It’s too much more, and I’m out of that one. If one of the board wants to jump in and try it.


JOHN: Did you see the signs up on Main Street?

JOYCE: I called them and they came up the next day and were up here in a couple of hours and put them in.

JOHN: Did that guy get his sign?

JOYCE: We only did Main Street. The guy is way up on the end of Maple Street. I don’t know how they can speed up there. They can go fast up the hill but when you get to the top of that hill it is private property.


JOYCE: This is regarding the Robert Louis Stevenson’s Cottage in Saranac Lake.

The Town of St. Armand has absolutely no control or no say at what goes on at Robert Louis Stevenson Cottage. They have old names and new names on the board of directors, knowing that we can’t do anything.

CHARLES THOMAS: Some time ago, I spoke to you about the cottage. They want to close the cottage down and if strangers want to visit they have to get an appointment.

JOYCE: Who wants to close it down?

CHARLES: The Board of Directors at the present time. Mike Delahant had put several thousand dollars to fix the place up. Lots of refurbishing done on the house.

JOYCE: As I recalled several years ago, Mike called me asking for financial help and I was able to get him some help on the county budget because my argument was that it was a historical tourism place. He received money for two or three years.

CHARLES: They want Mike and his wife to move out of there where they live.

JOYCE: It seems like the Board of Directors, it’s like World War III going on.

CHARLES: You betcha.

TOM: I’m very uncomfortable with this. I don’t feel we have any say over this as to what goes on.

JOYCE: That’s true Tom, but I am giving him the courtesy of the floor. It’s clear that we, as a Town Board, can do nothing legally at all. There is a legal dispute going on right now. I wish you luck with the Delahant family. Sounds like you’ve been a real loyal friend to the Stevenson’s Cottage, and I’m sure they appreciate that.

JOYCE: Anything else to bring up?

TOM: I would like to say 35 mile an hour speed zone on upper main is a challenged I can’t make.

JOYCE: It’s a challenged you can’t make?

TOM: You can’t possibly go 35. It’s too rough. Do you know how many have people driven up there and been ticketed for speeding down beyond the school?

JOYCE: I don’t know. Am I supposed to know that?

TOM: We always get accuse of being irresponsible speeders so we can’t have a black top road.

JOYCE: What? Where is all that coming about? Okay. The signs are there as somebody asked for them because of the school. The school is there so nobody should be driving fast anyhow.

MR. TINKLER: I don’t remember anyone saying the 35 speed limit. I know, because I was sitting here and I know what came out of my mouth.



A motion was made by Councilman Grimone, and seconded by Councilman Whitson, to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m.

I, Cynthia A. Woodson, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Regular Town Board meeting minutes held on the above referenced date.


Cynthia A. Woodson

St. Armand Town Clerk