The regular meeting of the Town Board of St. Armand was held on the above date at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.

PRESENT:     Supervisor Joyce W. Morency, Deputy Supervisor, Charles Whitson, Jr.                                     Councilmen Earl J. Dakin, Jr., Samuel Grimone, Thomas Jones, Town                          Clerk Cynthia A. Woodson, and Highway Superintendent Roger Oliver.

GUESTS:       Sandy Hayes, DeForest & Arlene Tinkler, John Jones, Sue Jones, Connie                                     & Bucky Willette, Gail & Don Perryman, Shirley Woodruff, Norma                                    Howard, Nancy Heath, Paul Woodruff.

            Supervisor Morency called the meeting to order at 7: 02 P.M.

            The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sandy Hayes


TOM JONES: A correction on the June 10th minutes to change the word “feeders” to “speeders”.

            A motion was made by Councilman Whitson, and seconded by Councilman Dakin, to accept the Regular Town Board meeting minutes of June 10th, with the correction, and the Special Board meeting minutes of June 27th. All were in favor. Motion carried.


            GENERAL: Vouchers # 139 - 161, Abstract #7                   $32,892.92

            HIGHWAY: Vouchers # 113 - 129, Abstract #7                   $11,134.10

            WATER & SEWER: Vouchers # 76 - 89, Abstract #7          $16,811.39


TOM JONES: I have some questions about the bills. The armor coat for the River Road.

ROGER OLIVER: That is used for patching.

TOM JONES: That’s just patch.


TOM JONES: On Vine Street, I saw a big culvert and in the bills there are three culverts. One large one and two smaller ones.

ROGER OLIVER: No, they should all be the same size.

JOYCE MORENCY: Are you talking about diameter or length, Tom?

TOM JONES: Diameter.

ROGER OLIVER: There are only two there now, but another one’s coming.

TOM JONES: Street light. What is the process of getting a street light?

JOYCE MORENCY: Submit a request to the Board for approval of new light, we have to get ahold of National Grid, get a price, and then go forward.

TOM JONES: Who pays for them?

JOYCE MORENCY: We do. The taxpayers.

TOM JONES: Is there any special criteria for getting one?

JOYCE MORENCY: No. We haven’t had many requests over the years.

SAM GRIMONE: Are we ready to make a motion to pay the bills?

JOYCE MORENCY: No, I’m waiting for Tom to finish his questions.

TOM JONES: I’m finished.

JOYCE MORENCY: Okay, now we can make a motion.

            A motion was made by Councilman Grimone, and seconded by Councilman Dakin, to accept and pay this month’s bills. All were in favor. Motion carried.

TOM JONES: No, I opposed.


TOM JONES: A type of rebellion.


TOM JONES: It’s a type of a protest.



            RECEIPTS:                                                    $ 72,595.19

            DISBURSEMENTS:                                      $ 79,826.60

            CHECKING BALANCES:                            $ 98,429.92

            SAVINGS BALANCES:                               $ 672,387.13

            CASH BALANCES:                                      $ 770,817.05

            WATER & SEWER BALANCE                   $ 13,182.90

            A motion was made by Councilman Grimone, and seconded by Councilman Whitson, to accept the Supervisor’s Report, the Water & Sewer Report, and Financial Reports. All were in favor. Motion carried.

SHIRLEY WOODRUFF: I have a question for Mr. Jones. There are two people, my own and Nancy Swinyer name were taken off the election board, I would like to know why our names were taken off?

TOM JONES: We talked about this at the meeting last time.

SHIRLEY WOODRUFF: I have never been to a meeting before, Tommy.

TOM JONES: Okay. The fact of the matter is, yes, my wife and I are co-chairmen of the Democratic Party for the Town of St. Armand. We get to appoint people to be considered by the Board of Elections. The Democrats have a representative and the Republicans have a representative. We elected some people, their names were sent there, and the Chairman, decides who he wants. He did, I believe, did he ever mention to us that it’s possible that Shirley could serve in another town?

SHIRLEY WOODRUFF: That’s what I want to know, that’s why I’m asking?

JOYCE MORENCY: That’s true I know that as a fact.

TOM JONES: So, you are not removed from the list.

SHIRLEY WOODRUFF: But just two democrats. Why not get the whole Democrat party involved? They weren’t involved.

TOM JONES: I’ve never seen another Democrat from the Town of St. Armand at the meeting.

SHIRLEY WOODRUFF: Well, if you don’t know when the meetings are, how can you go to a meeting? I would be at a meeting if I knew when they were.

TOM JONES: Okay, from this point on, we will inform you.

SHIRLEY WOODRUFF: I think that all the community should be inform if there is a Democrat or Republican Party or a meeting going on. They should have the meetings and everybody should know about it.

TOM JONES: How would you like that notification and I’m not being facetious.

SHIRLEY WOODRUFF: Put it in the paper.

TOM JONES: What about web site or e-mail?

SHIRLEY WOODRUFF: I don’t have a web site; I don’t know anything about that.

JOYCE MORENCY: Does anyone else have any comment?

JOHN JONES: I would to also be notified the next time there is anything to do with the Republican Party. You never hear of a Caucus anymore.

JOYCE MORENCY: There is no Caucus in St. Armand. There are a few towns in Essex County that actually still do Democrat Caucuses. The system that most of the towns use is the petitions.

TOM JONES: For a long time, one person appointed people to that what we were talking about, one person appointed both the Democrat and the Republican. Now, Sue and I are the Democrats and we do the appointment.

JOYCE MORENCY: Tom, will you explain that statement? What does that mean?

TOM JONES: No, I don’t want to.

JOYCE MORENCY: I’m not sure what he meant, but…


JOYCE MORENCY: Just minutes ago, you didn’t want to answer me. When there were only two Republicans, the Republicans were appointed as the election inspectors. They took the schooling, the test and then were appointed once they passed the test. The Essex County Board of Elections certified them, and put on the list. I never, as a Republican person, Chairman for many years, appointed a Democrat. That wasn’t my job. They have been on the list for a long time, they knew they had to go to school every year, they knew they had to be certified. I had nothing to say about whether they were on or off the list. They just went and did it. There was not a chair or a co-chair or active Democrat Party in this town. Because they were certified by the County, they were chosen to work in St. Armand. I had nothing to do with it.

JOYCE MORENCY: I do want to say, for years these ladies, it doesn’t matter which Party they are from, but particularly Shirley Woodruff, Nancy Heath, and Nancy Swinyer they are here at 5:30 in the morning on Election Day and work very hard all day long. They are very dedicated to the town and I consider it a public service working on the Election board. We thank them for their public service for St. Armand, we appreciate it. Nancy Heath served for so many years and is now an elected official. You could work in another town but not here.

NANCY HEATH: No. I don’t think I can serve anywhere. But I do have one question. Because we did serve for so many years, did you remove the girls from the list and picked ones that were already on the list, or already had gone to school?

SUE ABBOTT-JONES: No. We gave a list of Democrats that we felt were part of, newly active in the Party, or old active in the Party, that we also felt would make good inspectors and the others who were already on the list, and then the Commissioner and the head of the Democratic committee for Essex County; actually, the head of the Democratic is notorious to choose on the list, and he gives the list to the Commissioner. So that’s how it’s done.

NANCY HEATH: You chose new people and then they went to school afterwards? Is that how it goes?

SUE ABBOTT-JONES: The list is first given to the Commissioner, and from that chosen go to school.

NANCY HEATH: Well, I guess I don’t understand it then. These people have done a great job for a lot of years and all of a sudden they’re removed. Without any explanations, I guess.

SUE ABBOTT-JONES: Tom and I are brand new at this and we’re sorry it went like that. We are brand new at it and that won’t happen again. We do apologize for that.

NANCY HEATH: It really was very offensive.

SUE ABBOTT-JONES: Yes, we see that now. Plus, we were brand new to it and I hadn’t voted here for very long so I didn’t know and I do apologized for breaking that.

TOM JONES: Would you like to be notified of our meetings?

NANCY HEATH: You can. You can do it by mail.

SUE ABBOTT-JONES: There is a web site. The Democratic committee has a web site and all the meetings are included on that. As well as other information about the Democratic Party.

JOYCE MORENCY: I would assume that, I’m sure Shirley will pass the test, and Nancy Swinyer did not take the test to be certified, that you will go on the list because you passed unless someone didn’t want your name on the list at all. Like it was mentioned earlier, you could be asked to work in another town on Election Day, hopefully, not Ticonderoga or someplace like that for night time traveling. I would assume your name would go on the list, but Tommy Jones chose not to do it.

TOM JONES: I wouldn’t advise you to assume what we are going to do

JOYCE MORENCY: Well, I find it difficult to do it, even though I said it. I don’t know what is going to happen Shirley. Are there any other comments to be made on this subject?

GAIL PERRYMAN: I would like to say, “That because you have a right to do something, it doesn’t always make it the right thing to do.”

JOYCE MORENCY: Okay, we will move on with the meeting.


JOHN JONES: A few meetings ago, there was a map that show over 75% of properties in St. Armand. Every two years the town gets reassessed whether they raised their assessments or not. Does the State every two years get reassessed?

JOYCE MORENCY: I think the answer is no, but you will have to talk to Donna Bramer about your question. But, I think they don’t get as assessed as frequently as all of us do. I’m not sure. Please ask her.

JOHN JONES: Who is in charge? Shouldn’t the Town try to say something about the assessment every two years?

JOYCE MORENCY: It’s not something anyone sitting here on the board can make happen. The New York State Real Property Office in Albany has control of it. It’s Donna’s job and she would have the answers.

JOHN JONES: The board can’t say anything to her about the assessments? Who does she answers to?

JOYCE MORENCY: The people of the Town. Actually, she is not elected, she is appointed. She would answer to the Town Board.

SUE ABBOTT-JONES: I went on the website and do appreciate that the minutes are on there, but if we could get the June’ minutes on the web site.

JOYCE MORENCY: As soon as they are approved, which we just did, and this meeting is over, Cindy sends them the next day to the County.


JOYCE MORENCY: The Sunmount Development issue that was spoken about last month, the letter was sent as requested and the man that was on that list was on vacation for two weeks. They called and asked to meet with us, I gave them three dates, and they picked Thursday, July 17th at 5 p.m. The meeting will be held here and there will have to be a waiver as there wasn’t time to do an advertisement. We’ll sign a waiver of the notice on the meeting that night; we have no choice.

TOM JONES: We had talked about having a lawyer sending a letter, did we do that?

JOYCE MORENCY: We did, the lawyer wrote it, and I signed it.

TOM JONES: Was there any preference stated?

JOYCE MORENCY: No. The letter is standard. Cindy, will you read the letter. Sam, it probably would be a good idea to let everyone in the neighborhood knows about this meeting, since we don’t have time to advertise it.


JOYCE MORENCY: We need to approve or disapprove the Bloomingdale Volunteer Auxiliary using the building on August 8th. Nancy will you talk about that.

NANCY HEATH: On August 8th the Bloomingdale Auxiliary Fire Department will be holding a movie in the park. Age three and under is free everyone else is $4.00. We’re offering hotdogs, popcorn, candy, soda, juice, water. Everyone is to bring their blankets, or chairs. We have Eric Wilson doing the movie. We do not know what the movie is yet, we can not advertise it. If we do, you have to pay the rights to it and that can run as much as $500.00. It will be a family movie; something you can bring all the kids to. We are hoping to use the shack if we can for the hotdogs and drinks. We will not be cooking, per se; the hotdogs will be from the crock pots. We will have a popcorn machine which we will bring in and remove when we’re done. No alcohol on the field. We will bring our own paper products.

TOM JONES: Is this a fund raiser for the Fire Department?

NANCY HEATH: Yes, everything we do is for the Fire Department. Tickets will be sold at 7:30 and the movie starts at 8:30.

SUE ABBOTT-JONES: Is there a rain date?

NANCY HEATH: No. We have to book Eric Wilson way in advance and have to hope it doesn’t rain.

JOYCE MORENCY: We did talk about setting up rules and regulations for our new building. I would like to do a resolution for the Auxiliary to use the building. We will still do the rules and regulations.


Councilman Grimone, who moved its adoption, offered the following resolution.

WHEREAS A Resolution of the Town Board of the Town of St. Armand to allow the Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department Women Auxiliary to hold a movie night on August 8th, 2008 and the use of the building for the purpose of raising money for the Fire Department.

This Resolution was duly seconded by Councilman Jones, and adopted as follows:

            Supervisor Joyce W. Morency                       AYE

            Deputy Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr.        AYE

            Councilman Earl J. Dakin, Jr.                         AYE

            Councilman Samuel Grimone                        AYE

            Councilman Thomas Jones                             AYE

_______________________________                      Dated: July 15, 2008

Cynthia A. Woodson

St. Armand Town Clerk

SAM GRIMONE: Joyce, did you receive anything from the Fish and Game club on their rules?

JOYCE MORENCY: We did receive a letter with their rules and regulations, but theirs different as they want to rent out the building and make money. We don’t want to rent out the building.


JOYCE MORENCY: The bleachers are in and Dougie and Phil will help set them up. There are three sets. They will be put up after the ball games are over.


JOYCE MORENCY: This is going very well. There are ten workers plus the cooks. The food is being cooked at the Bloomingdale School.


ROGER OLIVER: I have a two year plan for fixing the roads in St. Armand. The Moose Pond Bridge is completed. On Vine Street they are replacing the culverts then repairing the road. Each year they try to rotate the black topping between Saranac Lake and Bloomingdale. This year they would like to try and finish the last four roads on the Saranac Lake side of St. Armand. They are Vista Lane, Vista Lane Ext., Meadow Lane, and River Road Ext. If the price for asphalt does not go up any more these roads will be completed and next year try to do the dirt roads in Bloomingdale.

ROGER OLIVER: My recommendations for this year’s road project are to do the roads in Saranac Lake for a total of $45,415.00. Joyce stated that the delivery of armor coat for 2008 is $60.85 verses 2007 $53.00; the delivery of blacktop for 2008 is $55.95 verses 2007 $48.00; and the delivery of binder for 2008 is $52.70 verses 2007 $44.00. Costs are increasing.

TOM JONES: Is there a possibility that next year the other half of Main Street will then be blacktop?

ROGER OLIVER: A lot depends on how the money is going. Every dirt road including Moody Pond should be done next year.

TOM JONES: If all the roads in Saranac Lake are done, what will be done, and what roads remains un-blacktop?

ROGER OLIVER: It will be Moody Pond Road, Goodspeed Road, and Main Street.

TOM JONES: How long is Goodspeed road?

ROGER OLIVER: About a mile. Plowing is a problem down there due to the shape the road is in. Some dirt roads are better than the blacktop.

TOM JONES: I find it hard to believe, as I live on one, and I would like to encourage everyone to take a ride up to my house.

ROGER OLIVER: There are roads worse than that.


JOYCE MORENCY: The culverts are put in and this fall they will come back and blacktop the road. The county told me that they may not be able to top all of the roads that they intended to this year. At the Essex County DPW meeting, they took $190,000 out of one of the surplus account from machinery to the highway because they are spending so much money on gas, oil, fuel, etc. This may not last them until the end of the year.


JOYCE MORENCY: The Hyde’s fuel for diesel, gas, and fuel oil heat I made up a comparison sheet listing the prices 7/15/06 to 7/15/07 and then from 7/15/07 to 7/15/08. On premium clear diesel we spent $10,132.00 more on diesel gas. On special gas, it wasn’t very much, it was $70.00 more. Fuel oil heating for the town garage has gone up $3,754.00, pole barn up $1.700.00 and the town hall up $1,981.00. The pump house is on electric. The total for those figures is $17,637.00 that we had to spend. This is probably more than what we estimated in our budget. Towards the end of the year it is going to get tighter.


JOYCE MORENCY: I received a letter from the Town of Keene about their flashing sign to help slow down speeders. It would be good to put one up at the entrance of our town at the top of the hill. The cost is $4,685 and this price was in 2004. This may now cost $5,000 and it would be something that would have to come out of the equipment fund and would have to be hooked up to a power pole.


JOYCE MORENCY: Tonight we are going to be paying the second half of our Saranac Lake Fire Protection bill. Jim will you talk about the last meeting you and Tom went to.

JIM DAKIN: The rescue squad and the fire department are in the process of separation through a law firm. When they separate the rescue will be able to charge for the rescue calls. The rescue will be as a private sector and can charge the insurance companies.

TOM JONES: What about the $150,000 a year profit?

JIM DAKIN: Within reason, they believe they could collect up to $150,000. They are in the process of having everything divided. The Village, fire department, and rescue station each own some equipment and are trying to divide ownership of property. They have to put on paper who owns what, and who going to rent this piece, etc. There is a lot to do yet and once they do split, it’s going to be quite expensive in the beginning, as they have no income coming in; they are still doing rescue calls, paying fuel bills, etc.

JOYCE MORENCY: If they do start billing the companies, how much do they think they will get in revenue?

JIM DAKIN: It can possibility be $100,000 to $150,000 or more.


JOYCE MORENCY: The second half of the contract is $15,265.26 which we will pay tonight.

JIM DAKIN: They are trying to hire a full time EMT. All the surrounding towns agreed to it and, originally, the Village agreed to it. The Village has taken the money from the surrounding towns and put it into a special account.


JOYCE MORENCY: There will be a new recyclable item. There has been so many request for the #1 clear plastic bottles (water bottles and all other #1) so there will be a collection box in the recyclable trailer.


JOYCE MORENCY: I talked to Mary Ellen Keith, Franklin Supervisor, about the Union cemetery and we will try to meet before the end of the month with her and the historian. Half the cemetery is in Franklin and the other half is in St. Armand. I called Olga Sprague as her family was part of forming that cemetery, and she told that she had a book and she gave the book to the Franklin Town Hall. Sept 14, 1988 is the date on the deed. We need to get together and figure out how to keep the cemetery up. We still have the $2,500 in a savings account that was set up for the cemetery during Mr. Norman’s time.


JOYCE MORENCY: The environmental impact form has been done. Verizon hired an environmental engineer group and, Jeff Redfield, came, and met with Charlie up at the site. They were looking for any environmental hazards up there on the property, and there are none that we know of. The Reservoir project had all that done when setting up the tower.

CHARLIE WHITSON: Jeff took several pictures of the surrounding area of the poles, information on the poles, and asked about the finish on the water tower; if it was going to have to be repainted in a few years, and we had found out it will not need to be repainted.


JOYCE MORENCY: The NYS Justice Court system has made some changes in their billing system. Before, Sheridan would send the fees and fines to New York State then they would send us our share. Now they want us to take the money through our bookkeeping and as soon as they get our report; they send us a bill. It took about two days to get our bill and Connie paid it. He collected $1,597.00 and out of that we kept $521.00 and the State took $1,076.00.


SAM GRIMONE: I have an update on the airport for this year. It is estimated that revenue will generate a little over 14 million dollars to the tri-lake economy.

JOHN JONES: How much of that is to the Town of St. Armand?

SAM GRIMONE: I don’t have the actual breakdown.


            A motion was made by Councilman Whitson, and seconded by Councilman Grimone, to adjourn the meeting at 8:17 p.m.

I, Cynthia A. Woodson, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Regular Town Board meeting minutes held on the above referenced date.


Cynthia A. Woodson

St. Armand Town Clerk