The regular meeting of the Town Board of St. Armand was held on the above

date at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.

PRESENT:    Supervisor Joyce W. Morency, Deputy Charles Whitson, Jr., Councilmen                                     Earl J. Dakin, Jr., Samuel Grimone, Thomas Jones, and Town Clerk                           Cynthia A. Woodson.

GUESTS:       Shirley Woodruff, DeForest & Arlene Tinkler, Connie & Bucky Willette,                                     Sandy Hayes, Don & Gail Perryman, and John Jones.

            Supervisor Morency called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

            The Pledge of Allegiance was led by John Jones.


            A motion was made by Councilman Jones, and seconded by Councilman Dakin, to accept the Regular Town Board meeting minutes of July 15th, the Special Board meeting minutes of July 17th, July 24th, and August 4th. All were in favor. Motion carried.


            GENERAL: Vouchers #162 – 181, Abstract #8                    $ 6,262.23

            HIGHWAY: Vouchers #130 – 147, Abstract #8                    $13,133.92

            WATER & SEWER: Vouchers #90 – 101, Abstract #8        $ 7,473.93


            A motion was made by Councilman Dakin, and seconded by Councilman Whitson, to accept and pay this month’s bills. All were in favor. Motion carried.


            RECEIPTS:                                                    $ 60,979.89

            DISBURSEMENTS:                                      $101,077.89

            CHECKING BALANCES:                            $107,154.97

            SAVINGS BALANCES:                               $672,085.28

            CASH BALANCES:                                      $730,240.25

            WATER & SEWER BALANCES:                $ 8,514.60

            A motion was made by Councilman Whitson, and seconded by Councilman Dakin, to accept the Supervisor’s Report, Water & Sewer Report, and the Financial Reports. All were in favor. Motion carried.


            Supervisor Morency stated that the package was mailed to them August 7th. They have the list of the three houses. One person, Artie Niederbuhl, wanted to add his house to the list, so it is included for a total of four parcels/houses. Supervisor Morency stated that when she talked to Ms. DeSanto today, they have made appointments with the four owners to go and look at the sites. She will be receiving a letter from Attorney Bill Kissel about the encroachments.

            Councilman Grimone asked if someone in town painted over the arrow that was sprayed painted pointing to the house. Supervisor Morency stated that Roger did not paint over it. She asked if anyone ever found out who did it and Councilman Grimone said no.


            Supervisor Morency stated that she has received a letter from the State of New York Unified Court System outlining the annual audit of their records. All records are to be examined by the auditing board, the town official, or by a certified public accountant. Justice Swinyer will be providing the information to be reviewed. There are a lot of new rules. They will be coming to examine his quarters.


            Supervisor Morency stated she called several times today to Coleman Burke, from Tectonics, and asked again about the APA application. Joyce called the APA and asked if the application has been filed yet, and was told no. She was told that the lease was going on to Verizon for execution. She will call someone else to get this project going.

She was told before that it only takes three days to put that tower up after the APA permit has been approved.


            Supervisor Morency stated that the Town did not get the grant money for the five streets for the sewer. There was only one town in Essex County that received the grant and it was Jay. Vic Putnam will get the paperwork to review with the two towns to see how they were scored and we were scored. We can re-apply in April 2009.


            There were three hydrants ordered for the extension kit. School Street, Prospect Street and on Mill Street. There are 49 hydrants in the town, not including the Saranac Lake area.


            Supervisor Morency stated that in April of 2006 the board received a letter about a family (The Duffy’s) wanted to put in their own well and septic because they were land locked, and the board approved it. The land is on Reservoir Lane.

            She received a phone call from another owner about how the Code Enforcement Officer said they had to be tied in to the line. They (Carmen Ordonez and Robert Zatorski) has a letter dated October 2005 asking if they could put in well and septic as they were landlocked. It was at that time they had no other way to get to the road. There is a small road that has been put in from the main road, so they could tie into the main lines. Councilman Whitson stated that someone is putting crusher run on the road. Sandy Hayes asked if they are in the sewer district. Supervisor Morency said that she will check the map. Sandy stated that might be cheaper to tie into the town lines; two separate lines on opposite sides. He was told that one of the homeowner in the area just had to replace his whole sewer unit as it is so wet up there.


            The Town Board members agreed that Ms. Ordonez and Mr. Zatorski can put in their own well and septic as was agreed upon in 2005. Councilman Whitson stated that because of the wetness in that area, Supervisor Morency should let them know of the situation that happened to Burnham’s septic. He stated that there may be more problems in the future with the septic.

            There will be a water and sewer district meeting next Tuesday, August 19th at 2:00 p.m. The time may be changed to later in the afternoon after Supervisor Morency talks to the Water and Sewer Superintendent, Bart Crary.


            Supervisor Morency stated that they thought one of the motor blew at the well field. Ron Gill came up and pulled the motor out of the deep well. It was just overloaded and tripped. We didn’t have to buy a new motor.


            The APA has approved the application put in by Rabideau Corp. to do a conversion of existing single-family dwelling to a commercial use structure as an office space and construction of two new public use buildings with ¼ mile of recreational river area for NYS Department Of Health, and NYS Worker’s Comp. Includes subdivision into sites.


            Supervisor Morency stated that Charles Fitzpatrick said he would be back to finish the steps; he has contacted her about finishing the steps. She will continue to get a time when he can come and finish the steps before cold weather gets here. 


            Supervisor Morency called Joe Garso about setting up a time for a meeting to discuss the figures for the town hall renovations. We will meet on August 26th at 11:00 a.m. There needs to be something done about the Justice chambers as well as the town offices. The courts system is now demanding that there is adequate spacing and having another exit for the Judge.


            Supervisor Morency stated that there have been great turnouts for the kids at the ball park. She said that we have had a really good year with the Youth Program and give Gail Bombard a lot of the credit as she is great with the kids and the teenagers like her. It has been the best year we ever had. The end of the year party will be tomorrow.


            Councilman Grimone would like to get in touch with Ed Andrews about the ball field and youth programs on some items he was involved with.

            The outside boilers. Councilman Grimone stated that we could wait until a problem occurs or do something before a problem occurs; get some guidelines. Supervisor Morency stated that she will get a set of rules and regulations on the boilers that the Village has done.


            Councilman Jones stated that other towns have nice surroundings within their towns and some people in Bloomingdale are doing the same with their houses and yards. Norman’s Store is very well cared for but as you approach the corner after Norman’s Store there is very low standards when you see that building falling down. If we could buy the building and clean it up. The town buildings should be brought up to better standards; painted and kept neat.

            Supervisor Morency stated that the gas station does bother the Niederbuhls and everyone else but there is really nothing he can do. It may be contaminated below the ground. You have to have lots of money to take care of it. If the Town bought it; it would be the same thing as the Niederbuhl's.

            Councilman Jones stated that he contacted D.E.C. on the property across the road months ago and was told that D.E.C. has no records of contaminates under the ground on that site. This is what they told me.

            Councilman Whitson stated that is what happened with Newman’s after the fire. They came in, tested it, and drilled it; then came back for the samples and found it to be highly contaminated. It is not something it can be done right away. They have to test it, wait, and then pull the samples out of the ground.


            Councilman Grimone asked if the generators have been serviced. Supervisor Morency said someone has started on one of them.


            Sandy Hayes asked if River Road will still be done this year for the road project as he heard that the State won’t be able to do it this year. Supervisor Morency stated that that’s not true; it will be done this year.


            A motion was made by Councilman Grimone, and seconded by Councilman Whitson, to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 p.m.

I, Cynthia A. Woodson, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Regular Town Board meeting minutes held on the above referenced date.


Cynthia A. Woodson

St. Armand Town Clerk