The regular meeting of the Town Board of St. Armand was held on the above date at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.

PRESENT:     Supervisor Joyce W. Morency, Deputy Supervisor, Charles Whitson, Jr.                                     Councilmen Earl J. Dakin, Jr., Thomas Jones, Town Clerk Cynthia A.                                Woodson and Town Historian Don Amell.

EXCUSED:    Councilman Samuel Grimone (working late), and Highway                                                             Superintendent Roger Oliver (vacation)

GUESTS:       Joe Garso, North Woods Engineer, Sandy Hayes, DeForest & Arlene                                     Tinkler

            Supervisor Morency called the meeting to order at 7: 00 P.M.

            The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Don Amell


            A motion was made by Councilman Whitson, and seconded by Councilman Dakin, to accept the Regular Town Board meeting minutes of September 16th, the Special Board meeting minutes of October 2nd, and the D.E.C. meeting of October 9th. All were in favor. Motion carried.


            GENERAL: Vouchers # 209 - 233, Abstract #10                 $ 26,655.51

            HIGHWAY: Vouchers # 171 – 186, Abstract #10                 $ 77,568.22

            WATER & SEWER: Vouchers # 114 - 128, Abstract #10    $ 9,826.25


            A motion was made by Councilman Jones, and seconded by Councilman Whitson, to accept and pay this month’s bills. All were in favor. Motion carried.


            RECEIPTS:                                                    $ 57,870.19

            DISBURSEMENTS:                                      $ 128,493.50

            CHECKING BALANCES:                            $ 113,759.91

            SAVINGS BALANCES:                               $ 505,053.12

            CASH BALANCES:                                      $ 618,813.03

            WATER & SEWER BALANCE                   $ 15,013.27

            A motion was made by Councilman Dakin, and seconded by Councilman Jones, to accept the Supervisor’s Report, the Water & Sewer Report, and Financial Reports. All were in favor. Motion carried.


            Supervisor Morency said that Roger is on vacation and she will be given his report. The sand is in and three loads of salt are in. The new truck is still being worked on. Her conversation with George Paye indicated that the State charges different amounts for salt on their roads and St. Armand’s roads. An example is when they use salt for the Cascades they use liquid salt where they spray the road. They will be changing the calibration on our truck for the salt this year. The Essex County Auction of the Brush Hog sold for $750.00. Councilman Jones asked about the blacktop expenses and if more work was done on some of the roads. Supervisor Morency said that the difference is the distance and the length of the roads.


            Supervisor Morency stated that the Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department is at $28,500 and Jason Cogan came to see her about increasing the cost by $1,500. She stated that they can’t raise it now as the new contract was to be presented to the board by August 31st. She stated that she will use last year’s price.

            Supervisor Morency stated that the Saranac Lake Fire Department Contract was $30,531.12 and North Elba Contract this year is $3,738.58. Councilman Dakin stated that the Fire Advisory Board tried several times to set up a meeting, but it keeps getting canceled. They want to wait until they have something different to report. Supervisor Morency stated that the Village Manager, Marty Murphy was to come down to discuss the contract and he cancelled it the day before. Supervisor Morency stated that she feels the town has overpaid and still does not have a full time Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Councilman Dakin stated that the agreement with the Towns was on or about January 2009 to put an EMT in place.

            Councilman Whitson stated that it is not being done in a timely manner. He suggested to Councilman Dakin to call Larry Miller (Town of Harrietstown Supervisor) and ask him again when there will be another meeting and if not done soon, then the town will use last year’s amount in the budget. Councilman Dakin said he will call Larry Miller.


            Mr. Joe Garco presented two conceptual drawings of the town hall building addition for the town board members and the public to view. Option A building is 44 feet by 30 feet; Option B building is 42 feet by 34 feet. Councilman Jones asked how much a square footage for building. Mr. Garco said it will be at or about $200 a square foot. Option B is 1,428.00 square feet at or about $200 per foot.

            Sandy Hayes asked how wide the lot is. Councilman Whitson said it is approximately 50 feet. Councilman Whitson stated that he and Councilman Dakin met with Rodger and Patricia Willette about purchasing the lot next to the parking lot. He stated the meeting went well and the Willette’s asked that they would have time to dismantle and empty out the garage. Councilman Whitson said they did not change for their requests. They were okay with a fence, but are concern with a light pole.

            Sandy asked if the town would buy the lot across the street with the old garage on it. Supervisor Morency asked if Artie (Niederbuhl) would tear down the garage. Sandy said he is afraid to. Supervisor Morency stated that we are too. It’s too costly.

            Mr. Garco stated that the annex building would take up half of the parking lot. Supervisor Morency said it would be nice to use the back of the Veteran’s field; but they can’t get across the back of the diner. Supervisor Morency stated that the Judge and Councilman Grimone need to look at these before making any decision.


            Supervisor Morency stated there are eight agencies to pay the 2008 appropriations and if there are objections to any of them, they will get paid. There were three appropriations not to pay with the exception of one that Councilman Jones will inquire about for the board.


            Supervisor Morency stated that the check has finally arrived from the lawyer’s office. The $2,000 was donated to the Nutrition site from Marty Pfeiffer. She spoke with some of the seniors and they agreed to spend the money on new tables and chairs from Sam’s Club in Plattsburgh.


Councilman Jones, who moved its adoption, offered the following resolution.

WHEREAS A Resolution of the Town Board of St. Armand agreed to purchase 8 tables and 60 chairs from the St. Armand Nutrition Site money for the Town Hall.

This Resolution was duly seconded by Councilman Dakin, and adopted as follows:

            Supervisor Joyce W. Morency                       AYE

            Deputy Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr.        AYE

            Councilman Earl J. Dakin, Jr.                         AYE

            Councilman Samuel Grimone                        ABSENT

            Councilman Thomas Jones                             AYE

_______________________________                      Dated: October 14, 2008

Cynthia A. Woodson

St. Armand Town Clerk


            Supervisor Morency stated that since Councilman Grimone is excused, do the board members want to continue with this or wait. Councilman Whitson said to wait until Sam is available. Supervisor Morency said it can be at next month’s meeting or a special meeting for this. She will call him tomorrow.


            Sandy Hayes asked if there will be a public work session for the budget. Supervisor Morency stated yes.


            A motion was made by Councilman Jones, and seconded by Councilman Whitson, to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 p.m.

I, Cynthia A. Woodson, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Regular Town Board meeting minutes held on the above referenced date.


Cynthia A. Woodson

St. Armand Town Clerk