Monday, January 10, 2022 - 10:00 AM

Held Virtually



Ike Tyler, Chairperson

Roy Holzer, Vice-Chairperson


Chairman Tyler called this Economic Development/Planning/Publicity Meeting to order at 10:00 am with the following Supervisors in attendance: Clayton Barber, Robin DeLoria, Stephanie DeZalia, Derek Doty, Shaun Gillilland, Charlie Harrington, Roy Holzer, Ken Hughes, Noel Merrihew, Jim Monty (10:10), Tom Scozzafava, Matthew Stanley, Ike Tyler, Joe Pete Wilson, Davina Winemiller, Margaret Wood and Mark Wright. Steve McNally had been previously excused.


Department Heads present: James Dougan, Dan Palmer and Anna Reynolds. Dan Manning was absent.


Deputies present: Dina Garvey


Also present: Jody Olcott - IDA, Jim McKenna and Mary Jane Lawrence - ROOST, Bruce Misarski - Housing Assistance, and Aurora McCaffery - Essex County Historian, Laurie Davis and Ashlee Kleinshimt - Cornell Cooperative Extension and Holly Aquino.



TYLER: Good morning, weíll start off with Jody from the IDA.





The next item on the agenda was Industrial Development was Jody Olcott reporting as follows:



OLCOTT: Iím here. We submitted our usual thing, trying to close out, we got a whole bunch of projects on the table right now that need to close out from 2021.


TYLERS: Does anybody have anything for Jody? Thank you Jody.


OLCOTT: Hey, hey, I got a question, because Iím trying to get ahold of Scozzy and heís not answering his cell phone, hereís the question I have, Iím having a brain fart this morning and one of you are going to know, if you have spoils on a site, okay, on a construction site in the APA and you want to put them someplace else, what is that called? A Spoils Application for the Park Agency?


SCOZZAFAVA: Say that again.


OLCOTT: You know how Bryantís, you can truck, you know, spoils from a site down there, what is that called? A Spoils Application, right?


SCOZZAFAVA: Iím not sure, to be honest. I mean, theyíve had that for the last 20 years. I thought it was a Clean Fill Application, is what they called it.


OLCOTT: Clean Fill? Iíve looked at everything on the APA and I canít find the application for it. I was just having a brain fart, I just needed somebodyÖ


TYLER: Jody, you can give my codes person, George Hainer, a call in my office, Iím sure he would probably have that answer.


OLCOTT, Okay, thatís it, thatís it. I just wanted to pick somebodyís brain, because Iím coming up short here. Thank you.


SCOZZAFAVA: I see you did call.


OLCOTT: Nah, thatís alright, thatís all I wanted, thanks.


SCOZZAFAVA: I had my phone on silent, because Iím legislating.


OLCOTT: Oh, I didnít realize, okay. Thank you.


TYLER: Thank you very much.





††††††††††† The next item on the agenda was Community Resources with Anna Reynolds reporting as follows:



TYLER: Community Resources, Anna Reynolds, I see youíre on the phone, how are you today?


REYNOLDS: Hi, how are you?




REYNOLDS: So, the first thing is a 239M referral. The Town of Ticonderoga has a site plan review for a solar installation 140 Charbonneau Road. The reason why it is referred is because of the proximity to the State Road, State Route 9N. I reviewed the materials and I do appreciate the due diligence of the LLC company. They provided lots of documentation, all of the environmental review is there, for example, theyíre gonna follow the pollution plans and schedules and have a decommissioning plan. So, therefore after review, the project does not negatively impact Essex County, so a letter of no comment is recommended.


TYLER: Looking for a resolution, please, to that effect? We have Mr. Hughes and Ms. DeZalia, second.






††††††††††† The following motion was made by Supervisor Hughes.


††††††††††† Where, the Essex County Planning Board has considered the following GML 239 referrals at its regular meeting on January 10, 2022.


††††††††††† REFERRAL††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† PROPOSED ACTION

Town of Ticonderoga - Ticon Solar, LLC†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† site plan review ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††

††††††††††† Whereas, none of the referred, proposed actions directly impacts a county road or county property.


††††††††††† Be It adopted by the Essex County Planning Board that no recommendation or comment on the said referrals shall be or hereby is made, and the respective referring bodies may take such final action as they deem appropriate.


††††††††††† This motion was seconded by Supervisor DeZalia and passed on a vote of 9 in favor, and none opposed.


TYLER: Any more discussion? All in favor signify by saying aye? Opposed?


PALMER: Just for the new Supervisors, this Economic Development Committee is the Planning Committee for County, so these resolutions that come up only go to this Committee. If this Committee either approves a letter of no comment of if they have some conditions, those, thatís the process and you wonít see these resolutions go through to Ways and Means or Regular, because they are handled here at the Planning Committee and thatís the final step for approval.


TYLER: Thank you Dan. Anything else, Anna?


REYNOLDS: Just stating, as many of you know, the CFS were announced late December, and please, look out for the agency letters that come in. Whether denied or approved, we would follow up with those letters and file them and usually we can call on any denials we can call and work with the agency, see what we can do better, or work better internally on that.

So, thatís all I have today.


TYLER: Anything for Anna? Donít see anything, thank you Anna.






††††††††††† The next item on the agenda was the Essex County Historian, Aurora McCaffrey reporting as follows:


MCCAFFREY: Hi, good morning, everyone. You have my report for the month, I donít have anything to add today, but Iím happy to answer any questions.


TYLER: Any questions? I donít see anything, Aurora, have a good day.


MCCAFFREY: Thank you.






††††††††††† The next item was the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST), with Jim McKenna and Mary Jane Lawrence reporting as follows:


MCKENNA: Good morning, MJ is going to start.


LAWRENCE: Good morning, everybody.




LAWRENCE: Iím sorry to see you all on a screen instead of in person.

We just have a couple of updates for everybody this morning; two of our large initiatives, the marketing plan is being finalized, itís on design and our Content Team for one look over and then we will be sending all of you a Marketing Plan prior to the February meeting. Also, the balance of the CTF will be paid to each of the towns no later than March of 2022. Thatís when weíll have all the numbers finalized. So, thatíll be, hopefully, a nice edition for everybody come March.

Just a couple of highlights I wanted to touch on in each of the regions and then Jimís going to talk about our Destination Enhancement initiative.

In the Lake Placid region, we are underway with our new website development. We will also have a new Lake Champlain Region printed guide for the Whiteface Region.

We are finalizing our branding stage and we will also be kicking off the new website in the Spring on 2022, which is also exciting. Weíre doing a lot of website work in 2022.

We are also in the processing of developing a printed, a plan for printed materials, signage and social strategy around all of those initiatives.

For the Adirondack Hub weíre working on the brand awareness. So, weíre working with the region to identify and produce additional in market pieces for the summer, including a graphic map for the Adirondack Hub, Upper Hudson Recreation Hub. So, that will be a great piece that weíll have completed in 2022.

Then for the High Peaks, Lake Placid Region, weíre working on the navigation on the

Weíre also working with the Town of Keene on their Marcy Field Initiative. Weíll be executing an economic impact study for events in 2022 and soon we will have our new Lake Placid, High Peaks Region guide, will be done and distributed in May.

Weíre still planning on hosting the Empire State Winter Games and Jim, thatís all that I have, if anybody has any questions?


TYLER: Anything for MJ? I donít see anything.


MCKENNA: Iím just going to speak very quickly; weíre kicking off the new program this year. Weíre calling it Destination Enhancement Imitative, that weíre going to be starting in January and what the goal is, is to really reach out to all our towns, our elected officials, the business community, and residents and really try to understand what the needs are overall, and how we can utilize tourism to have more vibrant communities, and as well as enrich the experience of the travelers. So, weíre going to start that this month and hopefully, it will be beneficial working with all involved and understanding their point of view and their business community, what the needs are, and then looking at it, keeping our regions intact, looking at it on a regional program. So, itís a new initiative. Weíre pretty excited about it and we think once we get this up and running, itíll be an annual initiative that weíll keep building on. So, weíre looking forward to that. Hopefully, weíll be able to get out and see people in person very soon, but weíre looking forward to that. Itís a new program, itís something that we think, will not only enhance the communities, but also make them better visitor destinations.


TYLER: Thank you Jim. Is there anybody that has anything? I donít see anything, but right now, Iím going to circle back to Cooperative Extension, I see Ashleeís on here.





††††††††††† The next item on the agenda was Cornell Cooperative Extension, with Laurie Davis and Ashlee Kleinhammer reporting as follows:


KLIENHAMMER: Hey, everybody. I am here. Thank you for letting me speak. My nameís Ashlee Kleinhammer, Iím the President of CCE and the owner of the North Country Creamery in Keeseville, where we milk cows and make cheese and yogurt. Iím here to talk to you about CCE, though.

First, I wanted to thank the Board for your continued support and for supporting the programming thatís getting into all the towns and impacting Essex County. I am on the ED search committee. As you know, weíre searching for a new Executive Director and that Executive Director will be solely in Essex County. Weíve all very excited and have a lot of enthusiasm and ideas for recruitment for this new Executive Director. We realized that Essex County has unique needs and wanted to make sure that its economic development was prioritized and there are so many organizations, non-profits, this Board of Supervisors, all that that an Executive Director could focus on solely for Essex County. So, the Board decided that, and weíre pursuing that search, right now. They will focus on grant writing and collaboration.

So, I think youíve all received the report for January programming and our finance summary.

Last thing I wanted to mention was that thereís a 2022 Food Justice Summit happening, all virtually, and everyone is welcome to attend. Itís February 23rd and 24th. It will address food justice, radical equity, healthcare and education in our rural region.

Laurie Davis is also on this call, if you all have any questions about programming or any other things, I am opening the floor now.


TYLER: Any questions? Hi Laurie, how you doing?


DAVIS: Hey, Ike, how are you?


TYLER: Good, any questions for CCE? I donít see any. Thanks guys.


KLIENHAMMER: Thanks everybody.






††††††††††† The next item was the Housing Assistance Program with Bruce Misarski reporting as follows:


MISARSKI: Hi Ike. This is Bruce Misarski, Iím on by telephone, I could not get the audio to work on my Go to Meeting, so I called back in.

I just have one item and I just wanted to let the Board of Supervisors know, right now, New York State has just opened up its Homeowner Assistance funding for, and this is for homeowners who may have fallen into arrears with their mortgage payments. This program got a bunch of money available, but itís gonna go fairly quickly. In the first week that it was announced, because it was announced on January 3rd, that statewide theyíve received, oh, something like 18,000 applications and 13,000 of those, well, 18,000 applications were started, 13,000 were submitted. So, the funding will probably be gone in about a month. So, the program is to assist homeowners that are in arrears with mortgages, if they are in arrears with property taxes, insurance and utility payments, if theyíre in a homeowner association and theyíre behind in their association dues and payments, maintenance fees, those sorts of things, that is eligible and also those that own manufactured homes and either have a loan on the manufactured home, or if theyíre in arrears with their lot rents and their utilities. All of these things are eligible. The State has money to get people out of debt for these things. You just need to be below 100% of the area, of the State area median income, which is a pretty high income limit. Youíre eligible for up to $50,000.00 in assistance, although most people are going to be far less than that level of assistance theyíll need. So, thereís about $500 million available, but itís going to go, like I said, probably be gone in about a month. So, if you have people, any folks in your communities that you know that are already in arrears, the way to access this money, you can call HAPEC and we can help you through it, but itís all being done online, the website is or you could call, 1-844-776-9423. So, itís an online application, itís fairly simple, but I just wanted to make sure that folks in Essex County take advantage of this fund. When itís gone, itís going to be gone, so now is the time to do it.

So, thatís all I got for you today.


MONTY: Bruce, is that directly Covid related or anyone whoís in arrears?


MISARSKI: Well, you do need to attest that our income loss is Covid related. Iím not sure if thereís really any verification other than you checking a box, saying, yes or no. It is a requirement though.


TYLER: Thank you, is there anything else for Bruce?


SCOZZAFAVA: Bruce, does this relate only to delinquent mortgages? Is there anything in that for people that have fallen behind on their property taxes?


MISARSKI: Yes, so itís for, could be for mortgage arrears. It could be property tax arrears. It could be insurance and utility costs. For instance, if you have, you know, if youíre not paying your mortgage, youíre also not paying, probably not paying your homeowners insurance out of that fund, as well, so thatís probably fallen behind. So, all those things can be brought up. Manufactured home people, if theyíre in a lot rent situation, as well, that can, that could also get them out of that type of arrears, as well. So, itís not just mortgages, itís other things, as well.


SCOZZAFAVA: Thank you.


WINEMILLER: Bruce, do you have a flyer that you could send to all the Supervisors, so we could post it?


MISARSKI: I will do. Iíll get that right out to you today. Iíll send it out to all 18 of the Supervisors.


WINEMILLER: Thank you.


TYLER: Thank you Bruce.

Matt, did you have a question?


STANLEY: It was just answered, I was wondering if something can be sent out to the Supervisors, a flyer or just an email dropped to us with that website information would be great.


MISARSKI: You got it.


TYLER: Anything else? Thank you Bruce. Anything else to come before this Committee? I donít see or hear anything, thank you very much. We are adjourned.





Respectfully submitted,



Dina Garvey, Deputy

Clerk of the Board