Dealing with Household Hazardous Waste &

Hazardous Material Spills

Irene & Flood Cleanup

Improper disposal of household hazardous waste can pollute the environment and pose a threat to human health.

Common household products that contain hazardous materials become household hazardous waste or ‘HHW’ when discarded.  Typical HHW includes cleaners, oils, batteries, and pesticides.  These products contain potentially hazardous ingredients that require special care when you dispose of them. 

Please click here (Dealing with Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) - Irene & Flood Cleanup (pdf)) for complete information on what household hazardous waste is and how to protect yourself, family & the environment when recovering from Irene & flooding.

Please call Essex County Emergency Services at (518) 873-3904 to report household hazardous waste.

Please separate these items and leave at the roadside. 

The Environmental protection Agency (EPA) will pick up these items.

Residents may call the EPA Regional Public Liaison at 1-888-283-7626 to arrange pick-up.


Hazardous Material Spill Response

People in recently flooded zones are requested to be on alert for leaking of petroleum (oil or gasoline) products such as fuel oil or kerosene in their homes or communities.

Please call Essex County Emergency Services at (518) 873-3904 to report hazardous material spills.

All petroleum spills that occur within New York State (NYS) must be reported to the NYS Spill Hotline (1-800-457-7362) within 2 hours of discovery.  Please contact the NYS Spill Hotline even if the spill discovery time of 2 hours has passed.

New York State (NYS) responds to reports of petroleum and other hazardous material releases through the Spill Response Program maintained by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).  Spill response staff throughout the State investigate such spill reports and take action based on the type of material spilled, the potential environmental damage, and safety risks to the public.

The public can notify DEC of releases to the environment by calling the NYS Spill Hotline. 

Federal agencies can be notified by calling the National Response Center.


NYS Spill Hotline: 1-800-457-7362

National Response Center: 1-800-424-8802


For further information contact:

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Division of Environmental Remediation

Bureau of Technical Support

625 Broadway-11th Floor

Albany, NY  12233-7020

(518) 402-9543