Essex County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Richard C. Cutting

Undersheriff Michael D. Badger

Jail Division

Mission Statement


It shall be the mission of the Essex County Correctional Facility to promote a safe, secure workplace for our employees through continued in-service training, encouragement of professionalism, recognition of excellence in the workplace and a commitment to running a safe, secure detention facility


It shall also be the mission of the Essex County Correctional Facility to promote community safety by safely keeping all inmates committed to our custody either serving a sentence or awaiting disposition of outstanding charges.


Inmates detained by the Essex County Correctional Facility will be provided with safe, secure housing, nutritious meals, education and rehabilitation programs, medical and mental health care and any other needs to promote a smooth transition back into society.

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About the Jail Division


The Essex County Sheriff is mandated by the New York State Constitution to maintain a county jail.  Inmates who are incarcerated in the Essex County Jail are both sentenced and un-sentenced.  The Essex County Jail holds all inmates, male or female, 16 years old and older.  The crimes can be anything from traffic infractions to violent felonies.


When a person is arrested for a crime, they are brought to a local criminal court judge in town court to be arraigned.  The judge can release the accused on their own recognizance or set a bail amount.  Bail is a means to ensure the defendant returns to court.  If the defendant cannot post bail at the court, he/she is brought to the Essex County Jail, where they are held until bail has been posted, the next court date, or they are released by the court.  Once booked into the jail, the inmate will be placed in a housing unit and supervised by NYS Certified Trained Correction Officers (NYS Peace Officers, CPL 2.10).


Members of the Essex County Sheriff’s Office will transport the inmate to the next court date and any subsequent dates.

Medical treatment will be provided to the inmate as needed and prescribed by the Facility Doctor.


If the inmate is sentenced to jail time, he/she will serve their time at the Essex County Jail for up to one year.  If the sentence is longer, the inmate will be transferred to NYS Department of Corrections.  All inmates in State Prisons start their court imposed sentences in County Jails.

Visiting Hours


Saturday and Sunday only







You must register at least 30 minutes

prior to your visit in the Jail Lobby.


Government Issued Photo ID Required


First Come, First Serve


Inmates are allowed two(2),

one(1) hour

visits per week


You must wear appropriate attire, your visit will be denied for inappropriate clothing.


New York State Penal Law 205.20,

Promoting Prison Contraband 2nd

He knowingly and unlawfully introduces any contraband (anything not allowed) into a detention facility.

Is an A Misdemeanor, punishable up to

One (1) year in county jail




Between the hours of


11:00am and 1:00pm


Inmates are only able to make collect phone calls.


Jail staff are not permitted to take messages for inmates.


For more information about the Inmate Phone System click here

Visitors are only permitted to drop off clothing for court or release.


All money must be deposited in the

COBRA Cashier in the Jail Lobby


Money can also deposited into the inmate’s account by going to the following website


Follow the instructions on this page, fees do apply.