702 Stowersville Road

PO Box 68

Lewis, New York 12950


Civil Office - 518-873-6907

County Jail - 518-873-6970

Road Patrol - 518-873-6915

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             The Essex County Sheriff is mandated by the New York State Constitution to maintain a county jail.  Inmates who are incarcerated in the Essex County Jail are both sentenced and un-sentenced.  The Essex County Jail holds all inmates, male or female, 18 years old and older.  The crimes can be anything from traffic infractions to violent felonies.


             If the inmate is sentenced to jail time, he/she will serve their time at the Essex County Jail for up to one year.  If the sentence is longer, the inmate will be transferred to NYS Department of Corrections.  All inmates in State Prisons start their court imposed sentences in County Jails.

             While in the Sheriff’s custody, the inmates are given an opportunity for self-improvement. These include, high school education programs, substance abuse counseling, mental health services and religious services.

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