Monday, April 19, 2021 - 11:00 AM



Shaun Gillilland, Chairperson

James Monty, Vice-Chairperson


Chairman Gillilland called this Public Hearing to order at 11:00 am with the following Supervisors in attendance: Clayton Barber, Robin DeLoria, Archie Depo, Stephanie DeZalia, Shaun Gillilland, Joseph Giordano, Charlie Harrington, Roy Holzer, Kenneth Hughes, Steve McNally, Jim Monty, Noel Merrihew, Tom Scozzafava, Jeffrey Subra, Ike Tyler, Joe Pete Wilson and Davina Winemiller.  Jay Rand was absent.


Department Heads present: Dan Palmer, Judy Garrison and Dan Manning.


Media present:  Sun News, Tim Rowland


GILLILLAND:  Being it is 11:00, I will call this Public Hearing to order and if I could have the reading of the Public Hearing notice please.


GARRISON:  Notice of public hearing on proposed local law No. 2 of 2021.  Please take notice that the Essex County Board of Supervisors will hold and conduct a Public Hearing at the Supervisors’ Chambers at the Essex County Government Center, 7551 Court Street, Elizabethtown, New York on the 19th of April, 2021 at 11:00 a.m., on the proposed Local Law No. 2 of 2021 entitled “Establishing the Office of Conflict Defender for the County of Essex”

Please take further notice that at said public hearing to be held at the time and place set forth above, the Essex County Board of Supervisors will consider this proposed Local Law and hear all persons interested therein concerning the same.

Please take further notice that a copy of the full text of such proposed Local Law No. #2 of 2021 may be obtained upon request from the Clerk of the Board’s Office, 7551 Court Street, Elizabethtown, New York 12932.  Judith A. Garrison, Clerk Essex County Board of Supervisors

Dated:  April 5, 2021


GILLILLAND:  Any members of the public here that wish to speak or have question on this proposed Local Law?  Any questions from the board?  Do we have anything in writing?


GARRISON: I have not received anything.


MANNING:  I will do the rest at the meeting but the record should also reflect that the Local Law was duly placed and sent to the Supervisor on their desks seven days before and also duly published in our official newspapers.


GILLILLAND: If there is no further input I will adjourn this public hearing at this time.


            As there was no further discussion to come before this Public Hearing it was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Judith Garrison, Clerk

Board of Supervisors