Monday, March 8, 2021 - 10:00 AM



Clerks note This meeting was held virtually.


Steve McNally, Chairperson

Ike Tyler, Vice-Chairperson


Chairman McNally called this Public Safety Meeting to order at 10:23 am with the following Supervisors virtually in attendance: Clayton Barber, Robin DeLoria, Archie Depo, Stephanie DeZalia, Shaun Gillilland (in person), Joseph Giordano, Roy Holzer, Kenneth Hughes, Steve McNally, Jim Monty, Noel Merrihew, Jay Rand, Tom Scozzafava, Ike Tyler, Joe Pete Wilson and Davina Winemiller. Charlie Harrington was absent and Jeffrey Subra was excused.


Department Heads present: Patty Bashaw, Brandon Boutelle, Dan Palmer (in person), Judy Garrison, Don Jaquish, Sue Montgomery-Corey and Heather Sheehan. Dave Reynolds was previously excused.


Also virtually present: Sun News, Tim Rowland, Tom Murphy and Max Thwaits.



McNALLY: Good morning. I will call the Public Safety Committee meeting to order. Veterans Office Noel Merrihew.


MERRIHEW: Good morning. No report this morning. Thank you very much.


McNALLY: Does anybody have anything for Noel? Alright, thank you. County Sealer nothing there? Board of Elections Allison McGahay, Sue Montgomery-Corey.


MONTGOMERY-COREY: Good morning. Yesterday we sent out the annual report for the Board of Elections for 2020 hopefully you all got it. We posted that on our website. Were also working on finalizing plans for our early voting sites. I know that we have visited North Elba and we are working on all of that. We also are working on we were advised this morning by IT that server for the Board of Elections website needs to be replaced I believe that may be something that can fall under our cybersecurity grant so well be exploring that.

Were also in the middle of designating petition period which will run from now filing is March 22nd to the 25th and anybody has any questions Im happy to answer. Allison, are you on this morning?


McNALLY: Tommy did you have something?


SCOZZAFAVA: Yes, the second polling for early voting where are we on that?


MONTGOMERY-COREY: We had received notice that the folks at the Knights of Columbus had approved using it.


SCOZZAFAVA: No, I know that for the two districts in Moriah but Im saying early voting.


MONTGOMERY-COREY: Early voting, we did a site visit in North Elba at the Beach house I believe last week and we are still working on the final plans so youll be hearing more going forward.


SCOZZAFAVA: Okay I mean the southern end of the county, early voting.


MONTGOMERY-COREY: Yeah, well, we dont have a final plan on that but we did have a conversation with Supervisor DeZalia about the possibility of using North Hudson and well continue to work on that plan.


SCOZZAFAVA: Okay I read an article in the press, up North the Adirondack Daily Enterprise that said there was another group that was, you know they want to see a second polling place, early voting in Southern Essex County and in my opinion anyway it appeared the Board of Supervisors werent aware of any of this but I think it should be known that the Board of Supervisors has fully endorsed this and that we also fully endorse the additional costs that it will take to have an early voting site. My point being, I dont want to see this turned into some political you know, or have to do with politics. We all feel its needed and I just think its important that people recognize the fact that their elected officials in Essex County are in favor of a second site.


MONTGOMERY-COREY: You will get no argument from me on that Tom.


GILLILLAND: The process has to go through the requirements are fairly stringent about what you know the facility has to do so were just, were waiting for the report from the Commissioners and a recommendation. The commissioners have got to agree and move forward with the recommendation before we can actually do anything.


MONTGOMERY-COREY: Again, you get no argument from me on that. I appreciate the support of the Board of Supervisors on this and we will be continuing to work on this discussion and hopefully next month well have a plan for you one way or the other.


SCOZZAFAVA: Thank you.


HUGHES: I have a question, a follow up on that. Is there a drop dead deadline for the establishment of a second polling site anywhere in the county a drop dead deadline?


MONTGOMERY-COREY: Yeah, our deadline on that is May 1st.


HUGHES: So we have less than two months to get our act together to figure that out, is that correct?


MONTGOMERY-COREY: And we will figure that out.


HUGHES: Awesome.


McNALLY: Great, thank you. Anybody else have anything for Sue?


DEZALIA: Can I add something?


McNALLY: Yes, go ahead Steph.


DEZALIA: Alright, yes we did meet on that and I think as far as North Hudsons standpoint I want to put that on record too that I believe our facility could handle this second poll site but I want to make sure that the commissioners have a chance to look at everything. We talk thoroughly about everything but I want to let Tom know that definitely its something that I believe could happen here at North Hudson.


SCOZZAFAVA: Great, thank you.


McNALLY: Thank you. Anybody else?


PALMER: Steve, you need to do a resolution to accept and place on file the Board of Elections annual report.


McNALLY: Okay, anybody want to move that?


RAND: I will move that.




McNALLY: Any questions, concerns? If not all in favor. Alright, thank you Sue. District Attorney Kristy Sprague. She here? Okay, Emergency Services Don Jaquish.


JAQUISH: Good morning. Can you hear me?




JAQUISH: We have one resolution to purchase a 24 tandem axle trailer in the amount of $22,249.00, with funds to come from the HazMat Consortium grant. The Hazmat Consortium is a consortium of seven different counties, were just the fiduciary conduit. We administer the grant for the rest of the counties and that money will come from that Federal grant and thats to replace the Franklin County trailer which is well over 10 years old.


McNALLY: Does anybody want to move that?




McNALLY: Questions, concerns?


SCOZZAFAVA: Well take the old trailer. (laughter)


JAQUISH: Youll have to ask Franklin county to give it to you.


McNALLY: Okay anybody else have anything on that? All in favor, opposed carried. Anything else Don?


JAQUISH: No, Im just going to abide my a dues as you probably are aware that this will be my very last Public Safety Committee meeting.


McNALLY: Alright, great thank you Don.


JAQUISH: Im getting done and moving on so thank you all for serving with me.


McNALLY: Great. Anybody else have anything for Don?


SCOZZAFAVA: Thank you Don.


McNALLY: Thank you. Emergency Medical Services Patty Bashaw.


BASHAW: You have my report and I will take any questions.


McNALLY: Does anybody have anything for Patty? Alright, great. Sheriffs office, Dave Reynolds.


MURPHY: The Sheriff had an appointment and couldnt be here. This is Tom Murphy. I can take any questions. I believe you have his report.


McNALLY: Alright, does anybody have anything for Tom? I guess not, thank you. Coroners nothing. Probation Heather Sheehan.


SHEEHAN: Good morning everyone you have my report. If you have any questions Im here to answer them.


McNALLY: Anybody have anything for Heather? Alright, thank you. Public Defender Brandon Boutelle. Brandon here? Brandon, you there? Okay he stepped away. Does anybody else have anything for the Public Safety Committee?


SCOZZAFAVA: I have. Im not even sure Im on this committee but I would like to move a resolution of appreciation to Don Jaquish for many years of service to the people of Essex County.


TYLER: I will move that resolution. Im on the committee.




McNALLY: Unanimous second. Alright great. Anything else? Okay anybody else have anything? If not, were adjourned.


As there was no further discussion to come before this Public Safety Committee it was adjourned at 10:32 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Judith Garrison, Clerk

Board of Supervisors