Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - 10:00 AM



Clerkís note Ė This meeting was held virtually.


Stephanie DeZalia, Chairperson

Joseph Giordano, Vice-Chairperson


Chairwoman DeZalia called this Personnel Meeting to order at 10:06 am with the following Supervisors virtually in attendance: Clayton Barber, Robin DeLoria, Archie Depo, Stephanie DeZalia, Shaun Gillilland (in person), Joseph Giordano, Charlie Harrington, Roy Holzer, Kenneth Hughes, Steve McNally, Jim Monty, Noel Merrihew, Jay Rand, Tom Scozzafava, Jeffrey Subra, Ike Tyler and Joe Pete Wilson.Davina Winemiller was excused.


Department Heads present: Dan Palmer (in person) Laura Carson, Judy Garrison, Jennifer Mascarenas and Michael Mascarenas.


Also virtually present:Sun News, Tim Rowland and Daniel Tedford.



DEZALIA:Is everybody ready to get started for the Personnel meeting?Alright, we will commence the Personnel Administration Committee and we will start with Jen.Is she on?Okay.


MASCARENAS:Good morning.I have my monthly report, if anyone has any questions?


DEZALIA:Did anyone have anything for Jen?


HUGHES:I have a quick question, how are the response rates for advertising for positions that are going out for, I canít think of it right now, but my just in general question is when you advertise for a position, a county position whatís the response rates been like right now?


MASCARENAS:You know itís been about the same as it has before.Some positions we get several applicants for, for some reason the Fish Hatchery attendant we get upwards of twenty sometimes and then it just depends on the position of how many applicants that we do get but itís consistent.Itís consistent.


HUGHES:And the reinstatement of the fees for the civil service exams have you seen, any changes of there for us?Has that been a positive for us or has that been a loss?


MASCARENAS:Well, itís not been a loss because we havenít really held the exams that we had before yet.All the exams that were canceled because of Covid still havenít been rescheduled so I think we will have to wait a little bit longer until those get scheduled to see for sure.




SCOZZAFAVA: If I may, looking at the number of job applicants received, very good report by the way Jenn; forty-three overall, but I can tell you that you know, ten, fifteen years ago youíd have people lined up for these positions and obviously thatís not happening anymore.Donít know what the reason is but weíre certainly arenít getting the applicants that we used to receive.I saw Account Clerk, one.That was it for Account Clerk that we received?




SCOZZAFAVA:Thatís unreal.


DEZALIA:Anything else for Jenn?Okay, thank you Jenn.




DEZALIA:Next up would be Judy for the Clerk of the Board.


GARRISON:Good morning.


DEZALIA:Good morning Judy.


GARRISON: I submitted my monthly report.I just wanted to bring to your attention, on our revenue for OTB through November we are down $8,044 from last year, and our revenue for our printing is down, and thatís through the year 2020, it is down $9,126 from last year.Not too good news.


SCOZZAFAVA:No.Now, if we put a parlor in Lake Placid that OTB revenue would absolutely increase.


DEZALIA:Any other questions?


HUGHES: I was just curious, two questions one, where do we have an OTB if we do have one and two, where does that revenue go into the county? Does it go into a general fund, does it go into a reserve fund for social projects, back to education?How do we handle that?


GARRISON:It goes into an OTB account.Iím not sure what we do with the funds following that.Mr. Diskin is on, Iím not sure if he can tell us?As far as a parlor I think, isnít Quick Draw considered OTB?Iím not sure where a parlor is.


SCOZZAFAVA:We donít have any.That Iím aware of, thereís none.


GARRISON: Yeah, I didnít think so.I mean we used to years ago.


SCOZZAFAVA:This is all pretty much done online.


MERRIHEW: I would suggest our parlor is in Elizabethtown at the Half Way House, point of information.


GARRISON: Because they have Quick Draw, correct?


MERRIHEW: Yes.I believe they have the lotto also.


PALMER:Technically there is no OTB parlor in Essex County.Revenue does come back; it goes into the general fund.It is just dispersed back into the general fund to offset the taxes.


HUGHES: Okay, thanks a lot.


GILLILLAND:The capital region which weíre in for OTB Rep for Essex County is one of my board members in the Town of Willsboro, Lorilee Sheehan.If any towns have got any ideas, people who might think they want to open an OTB parlor, then I can pass that along to her.


DEZALIA:Anything else for Judy?


MONTY:Judy, Iím just curious with our printing revenue, is that generated primarily from what the towns request the county to print?


GARRISON:Itís towns and county.The majority I would say, towns yes.


MONTY:Do we offer it to outside entities?


GARRISON:Fire Departments we do.Not very many outside entities.


PALMER: We also do non for profits.


GARRISON:Yes, non for profits.


MONTY: Non-profits okay.Probably since Covid-19 is probably driving the revenue down I would assume.




MONTY:Has this been a trend over the years that weíre losing revenue by doing the printing?


GARRISON:Covid-19 actually is a big, big part of it.The county departments, a lot of them are doing their own printing they have different types of printers that they can print their own stuff so a little bit yes.


MONTY:Okay, thank you.


SCOZZAFAVA:I would agree Jim that Covid-19, I mean youíve got no events going on.A big part of our printing was for non for profits and communities for different events that they would have posters, stationery, that type of thing and obviously for the last year thatís pretty much non-existent so I think Covid is part of that $9,000 decrease in revenues would be my guess.


DEZALIA:Great.Okay, anything else for Judy, anyone?Thank you Judy.


GARRISON:Thank you.


DEZALIA:Alright so Dan Manning.I donít see Dan.


GILLILLAND:Dan Tedford is here.


DEZALIA: Dan Tedford.


TEDFORD: Iím right here.Can everyone hear me alright?

DEZALIA:Go ahead Dan.


TEDFORD:So what I have in front of you I sent it out to the committee was a proposal for three members, three new members of our ethics board.As this has been discussed before, we only have two right now, we need five.We did receive seven applications which I was pretty happy with.I reviewed all their qualifications.I spoke with all of them on the phone.The three members that I sent along would be basically my recommendation for the person to fill those positions. The first being Mr. Feinbloom who is from Westport and then Mr. Lally from Wilmington and then Ms. Atkins from Willsboro.I was very happy with the turn out and those would be my recommendations.The way forward would be just to get them appointed at the next regular board and then from then on, I would just call a meeting of the whole ethics board, go over their responsibilities again, get their oaths filed and insure that they have a properly appointed Chairman and then get along with a regular meeting schedule.My aspiration would be to have them meet in some manner at least quarterly and go from there and kind of get this up and running again.If there is any questions and since itís a personnel matter I would ask that we go into executive session.Thatís pretty much what I have for today.


DEZALIA:Did anyone have any questions for Dan? Tom, would those questions cause us to go into executive session?


SCOZZAFAVA:No, not at all.Are you looking for a resolution today Dan, to get it to full board?


TEDFORD:Yes, thatís right Tom.


SCOZZAFAVA:I would so move that.


DEZALIA:Okay, resolution to appoint the three parties made by Tom Scozzafava.Anyone second?Seconded by Ken Hughes




DEZALIA:Any more discussion by anyone?Alright, all in favor, is there anyone opposed Ė so moved.


SCOZZAFAVA:While we are on the ethics Ė Dan could you get out or have Dan get out the ethics disclosure forms that we do yearly to the supervisors?


TEDFORD:Yes, absolutely.


SCOZZAFAVA: Okay, thank you.


DEZALIA:Okay thank you Tom.Thank you Dan.


TEDFORD:Alright, thank you very much.


DEZALIA: I think Jim Monty has something.


MONTY: I have a question for Dan.


DEZALIA:Is Dan still here?


TEDFORD:Yes, Iím here.


MONTY:Hey Dan.Dan Manning sent us out a copy of what he was proposing for coronersí physicians and I donít know if this is the time or he is ready to take that as a resolution to bring to full board?I guess thatís my question.


TEDFORD:Yeah, I donít know either Jim.I can certainly, I will bring it up with him that youíre inquiring but Iím not prepared to say I guess one way or the other what he wants do on that right now.


MONTY:I understand.Thank you.


PALMER: Jim Monty, was that on the regions because we did pass that last month.


MONTY:Okay that was attached, when I printed out my agenda that was on that so I assumed thatís what weíre talking about.Okay.


PALMER:No, I think last month we did move that the regions be allocated based on your recommendation that you had provided.


MONTY:Oh no, that was for the three areas for the coroners Dan.This was for the Coronerís physician position.


PALMER:Oh, the physiciansí assistant.Iím not aware where Dan is on that.I will get ahold of him and maybe before ways and means we can have something for that.


MONTY:Okay, thank you.


DEZALIA:Great.Thank you Dan and Jim.Is there anything more to come before the Personnel committee?Go ahead Shaun.


GILLILLAND: Thanks Stephanie and I would just like to if I can, get a resolution to go forward with the drafting of a resolution of condemnation of the attack upon our National Federal Legislature.Most recently, January 6, I spent most of my adult life having sworn an oath to that Constitution and that was a direct attack upon our Constitution.The Constitution, I mean, we as Americans are not linked, look at, you know we are Wilsonís and Harringtonís and Barbers and Scozzafavasí, Hughes and Gillillands we are not linked by any culture, we are not linked by any religion, we are not linked by and ethnic group, race weíre linked by a piece of paper literally and that was a direct assault upon the heart of what makes us Americans.So Iím going to ask if I could, I would like to appoint Mr. Tyler, Mr. DeLoria, Mr. Hughes and Mr. Wilson to draft the words for that resolution of condemnation and bring it forward next week.So if I could have a resolution for that I would appreciate it.


DEZALIA:Would someone move the resolution for Mr. Gillilland.





DEZALIA: Thank you Shaun.


DELORIA:Thank you Shaun. Weíll get on that this week.


DEZALIA:Okay.Thank you.We stand adjourned if there is nothing else to come before this committee.


††††††††††† As there was no further discussion to come before this Personnel Committee it was adjourned at 10:21 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Judith Garrison, Clerk

Board of Supervisors