EMS Subcommittee

Monday, April 15, 2024 - 9:00 am



Robin DeLoria - Chairman


Chairman DeLoria called this EMS Subcommittee to order at 9:00 am with the following in attendance: Clayton Barber, Robin DeLoria, Derek Doty, Jim Monty, Cathleen Reusser, Matt Stanley, Ike Tyler, Meg Wood, Mark Wright, Josh Favro, and Matt Watts. Mike Mascarenas was absent


ALSO PRESENT: Dina Garvey, and Darren Dickerson


DELORIA: Okay, letís call this meeting to order, and Michael, can I just turn it over to you in Robís absence and you can get us through the resolution, I guess is first on the list.


WATTS, MICHAEL: Absolutely, so to start off, last month or the month before we had gone through with the resolution to go out to bid for the purchase of an ambulance from budgeted funds, reimbursed by the EMS grant. We have since had one bid return on that, so we are looking for a resolution to award the bid to Northeastern Rescue Vehicles for the purchase of a 2024 Demers Mercedes Sprinter Type II Ambulance with a stretcher in the amount of $227,298.00.


DELORIA: Okay, now weíll move that and you know and pass that here, but that goes to Public Safety?


WATTS, MATTHEW: Yeah, I have it on my agenda to do it.


DELORIA: Perfect, okay. Somebody want to move that?


REUSSER: Iíll move it.


TYLER: Who is this ambulance for?


WATTS, MATTHEW: For the County, to replace the one that we have.


MONTY: What are you going to do with that one?


DELORIA: You canít move it, youíre not on the committee?


REUSSER: Shoot, I was just trying to get things going.


STANLEY: Iíll move it.


DELORIA: Thank you, Matt and a second from Mark.


Stanley, Wright


TYLER: Is there a State Contract for these things?


WATTS, MATTHEW: I donít think so.


TYLER: Thereís no State Contract for ambulances?


WATTS, MATTHEW: We had looked into that. That includes the stretcher and everything.


MONTY: This is open to discussion now?


DELORIA: Yes, Iíve got motions.


MONTY: Okay, that was the only bid that you got on all of these?


WATTS, MATTHEW: Yes and we went out twice.


MONTY: That company bid, both times?


WATTS, MATTHEW: No, they just bid the second time.


TYLER: Whatís the, do you know the average cost of these things?


WATTS, MATTHEW: I think thatís a really good price.


WATTS, MICHAEL: We had budgeted $300,000.00 for it, liking around there. So, coming in where weíre atÖ


STANLEY: I know AuSable is looking for a Type I, box ambulance, around $300,000.00.


FAVRO: And this is with the stretcher.


WATTS, MATTHEW: The stretcher and the mount, alone are around $50,000.00.


DELORIA: What was the first bid? How high was it that it caused you to go back out?


WATTS, MATTHEW: We didnít get any.


DELORIA: You didnít any? Oh, I see, okay.


TYLER: Where is this outfit out of?


WATTS, MCHAEL: Theyíre out of Syracuse.


MONTY: Is that the same group that McNally, got his from?


WATTS, MATTHEW: I believe so, yeah. Theyíre used by quite a few agencies around here.


REUSSER: Have you had time to look at the specs on this?




REUSSER: And what additional equipment would you need to purchase to have this operational?


WATTS, MICHAEL: Being that we already have an ambulance, we possess all the equipment necessary to operate it. The existing ambulance has an old, outdated stretcher, so, thatís why we included the stretcher in the purchase of the ambulance. So, that would be the only additional equipment that is already included in the bid.


REUSSER: Okay, thank you.


DELORIA: So, the chassis is a Mercedes?




DELORIA: Didnít Ford, at one time, almost corner the market on chassis for ambulances?


WATTS, MATTHEW: Yes, Chevy is doing some, Dodge is doing some, but this particular ambulance is quite popular in this area for the type, the Type II.




WATTS, MICHAEL: I believe the only Type II is Mercedes and Ford Transit, the Dodge ProMaster, I believe is, too. There are very few of them around.


TYLER: What is the difference between the Type I and Type II?


WATTS, MICHAEL: The box style, so this a van style ambulance. The Type I is a truck chassis with a box on the back. The Type III is a van chassis with a box on the back.


TYLER: Okay.


WATTS, MATTHEW: This is the most economical way to go about having an ambulance and for what weíre going to be doing with it, itís going to fit the bill every well.




FAVRO: Itís also all-wheel drive.


DELORIA: Oh, thatís nice.


REUSSER: That would be important here.


WATTS, MATTHEW: Absolutely.


TYLER: Sounds like itís too good to be true, thatís why Iím leery.


WATTS, MATTHEW: I fully expected it to be about $50,000.00 more than it is.


DELORIA: Yeah, yeah and the fact that you budgeted $300,000.00, thatís a good thing.

Okay, any more questions on that resolutions? Being none, vote from the committee, all in favor, aye? Any opposed? Alright, weíll carry that and youíll take care of that?


WATTS, MATTHEW: Yeah, I got it on my agenda for Public Safety.


WATTS, MICHAEL: So, moving on down to staffing updates. Currently, we have a position posted for Westport EMS, thatís a part-time EMT position. Those applications close on Monday. Ticonderoga EMS, we previously approved 2 additional full-time positions for them. One was an existing County employee whoís been hired. Sheíll be starting on the 20th of this month and the second one, weíre still waiting for the physical to come back, but the anticipated start date would be around the same, we well. Moriah EMS, we have one EMT vacancy there, thatís at the request of the agency. Theyíre awaiting to have the funding secured for that position, so that will remain vacant until they give us the go ahead that they would like to fill that position. Elizabethtown-Lewis EMS, we do have one EMT vacancy there, as well. Again, at the request of the agency, we the anticipation of getting that filled in the next couple of months. The medic cars, we still have one paramedic vacancy, thatís been ongoing for quite some time and then the Senior Account Clerk position which was approved, last month, that application period closes today. So, hopefully we get that filled relatively soon.


MONTY: Are you getting applications for all of these jobs?


WATTS, MICHAEL: For EMTs and AEMTs we are, paramedics, ALS providers, weíre not seeing as many.


MONTY: Did you get any for the Senior Account Clerk?


WATTS, MATTHEW: That closes, today, so we havenít talked to Personnel, yet, until the end of the day.


WATTS, MICHAEL: I know thereís one application that was received through our office and sent down. So, thereís at least one applicant. Hopefully, there will be a few more.


MONTY: On your report, where it says, theyíre talking about Medic Car #1, it lists two people there, already.


WATTS, MATTHEW: What page are you on, Jim?


MONTY: Medic Car #1, it says Mike and Nathan Thomas.


WATTS, MICHAEL: So, we have 4 full-time medic car positions allocated and currently we have Matt Rudow, James Moricette, myself and then Nat Thomas works as a part-timer, split between Newcomb and the medic car. So, we still have one full-time medic car position open.


MONTY: Which is for Medic Car #4.




MONTY: Not Medic Car #1.


STANLEY: I think itís medic car, one position open.






WATTS, MICHAEL: Just the wording.


DELORIA: So, and if my question is off base, please tell me. Do we have any employees countywide that are actually part-time, where maybe we could try and help cover the medic car?


WATTS, MICHAEL: I donít think so.


DELORIA: Because you would have to have somebody thatís part-time, but also willing to be full-time, but you donít have any full-time openings, but if you have that as a something and it could meld in, itís just a thought.


WATTS, MICHAEL: Yeah, there are no employees that I know of that would fit that bill.




WATTS, MICHAEL: So, contract renewals. Theyíre still in process, most of them are just awaiting Mike Mascarenasí signature, so hopefully that will be completed soon. One, we still need an update from the County Attorney, but the rest of them are pretty much signed by the towns and agencies and moving forward.


DELORIA: Iíll check into Newcombís, I thought we had completed that.


STANLEY: Do you have the contracts for Supervisors to sign?


MONTY: I havenít seen one.


WATTS, MATTHEW: We have yours and your with us, knowing that weíd see you guys, today.


DELORIA: Did we send ours in for Newcomb? I gave it to Wes.


MONTY: Youíre status is unknown.


WATTS, MICHAEL: Yeah, we havenít seen it come back.


DELORIA: Really, Iíll follow up on that.


WOOD: We made a change to ours. Somewhere, somebody at some point, slipped in that our ambulances would go and pick people up and bring them home or wait at a hospital for them to come back and we took that out. It doesnít mean we wonít do it.


WATTS, MICHAEL: I assume thatís the contract between you guys and the agency.


WOOD: Thatís a different one?


WATTS. MICHAEL: Yeah, this is our staffing contracts for the staffing we provide to the agencies.


WOOD: Oh, okay. Do I have that?


WATTS, MICHAEL: So, Steve was getting that from the agency.


WOOD: Okay, heís been away.


WATTS, MICHAEL: I am not sure if he started with North Hudson or started with Schroon Lake.


WOOD: Okay, he should be back this week.


WATTS, MICHAEL: And yours I believe was turned over to the agency, but I am not sure where it is, so I call and followed up, as well.

No new contracts, no additional requests at this time. Weíre still continuing to do community outreach and training. Since the beginning of this year, weíve done about 100 students through CPR and First Aid at BOCES in Mineville. We have 40 more scheduled over the month or two, so all together, weíre going to do about 150 of their students.

The June 9th at the Public Safety Building, weíve scheduled through the Youth Services Bureau, a Wilderness First Aid/CPR Class for the town summer camps. Thereís going to be an additional CPR class for them, as well. I donít have a date solidified, yet, but that would be for some of the counselors that donít need the Wilderness First Aid, but need CPR.


REUSSER: Is there an advanced? So, I look at that as sort of a base course. Are there advanced courses that you all offer?


WATTS, MICHAEL: From a First Aid perspective?


REUSSER: Or have resources for, for like backcountry and that kind of thing? I am just looking at the trail system, here in Elizabethtown, which is quite extensive and there are people that are interested in training for this.


MONTY: There is actually a backcountry first aid course being offered by North Country. I want to say that itís either the end of May or the first of June.


WATTS, MATTHEW: Is that DEC thatís putting that on?


MONTY: I donít know, itís at North Country Community College, so Iím not sure whoís doing it, but I know of a couple of kids that are doing it.


REUSSER: Okay, thank you.


DELORIA: Do you have people signed up for this, for the June 8th?


WATTS, MICHAEL: That I donít know, thatís handled by Dee Olcott at the Youth Bureau.


DELORIA: Okay, the Youth Bureau.


WATTS, MICHAEL: Sheís doing all the signups for that. I know she said she had 14-15 that were going to need it, hopefully they can all make it on that day.


DELORIA: Right, because it is a requirement.


WATTS, MICHAEL: Right and to answer your question, too. We donít do any of the backcountry stuff, as far as training, but I know thereís a guy from Keene Valley, Doug Downs, who does wilderness first responder courses, too.


REUSSER: Okay, thank you for that.


WATTS, MATTHEW: We can sendyou his information, if you would like it.


REUSSER: I can figure it out, thank you. If I canít find it, Iíll call you.


WATTS, MATTHEW: Okay, heís part of the Keene Valley EMS, as well.




WATTS, MICHAEL: And as far as further down nothing new to report.


MONTY: Is there anyway, I donít know ifyou guys keep track of it, but just to have a 10,000 foot look at the volunteers in each agency, how many? I know you can have a listof 20 volunteers and maybe you only have 5 are active. If we could get that, curiosity.


DELORIA: Survey, we could go out to all the towns, perhaps.


MONTY: A survey to figure out what other towns maybe facing and why itís working in one town and why itís not working in others.


STANLEY: I think thatís been hard, because weíve been trying to get a list of volunteers for per-diem.


MONTY: Your squad should have them, because theyíve got to cover them for insurance.


STANLEY: Yeah, but youíve got to have your quad respond. Thatís the big problem.


MONTY: No, I see, that was going to be my next question, Matt. I see a lot of these times, the same squads are the same ones not returning information, but theyíre the first ones with their hands out looking for money. So, you know where do we draw the line, saying, this is a two-way street, this isnít just one-way.


WATTS, MICHAEL: And a lot of the volunteers, too, are also working for the agencies, so something to take into consideration, as well. But, we can certainly try and pull that information from the agencies.


WATTS, MATTHEW: We can send out a survey.


MONTY: I have had the conversation with Etown-Lewis and they have 18 listed as volunteers, but they have 6 that are actively working. So, are they paying workersí comp on those other 12 that arenít doing anything?


WATTS, MATTHEW: So, one more thing that has been brought to our attention that I am going to be bringing up at Public Safety, also, is there was a resolution for Etown-Lewis for purchasing the cardiac monitors, well the wording in it got mixed up and it says, AEDs, so Purchasing as asked us to clarify that language through a resolution with you guys, so Iíll be bringing that up.


MONTY: Do you need us to move something here?


WATTS, MATTHEW: I donít think so.


DELORIA: No, Public Safety.


WATTS, MATTHEW: Yeah, just editing the language in the resolution that was previously approved.


REUSSER: That can be done at the time we put it on the table.


STANLEY: I want to piggyback off of an AED and I reached out to Linda and she was like, oh, it was a mistake.


WATTS, MATTHEW: Yup. The specs were right that were sent in, it was just the language was a problem. Thatís all Iíve got, unless youíve got anything else?


WATTS, MICHAEL: I donít have anything further, but you guys have questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.


DELORIA: How are we, you and I have this conversation about Rob Wick used to do this budget status and stuff like that. We talked about the potential of having the new account clerk, participate in that.




DELORIA: But, thereís also the grant aspect of that, too.


WATTS, MICHAEL: So, hopefully once we get the account clerk, hired, we can set up a meeting with us, Mike, the account clerk, Wendy from our office, to try and get some duties delegated and situated out.


DELORIA: It is important to continually make those phone calls that are never returned.


WATTS, MICHAEL: Absolutely


DELORIA: And then keep us updated on this budget status. Does anybody else have any other questions for our committee, here?


DOTY: I would like to bring up, a hypothetical thatís probably going to be more than just controversial. Weíre about a year and half away from this grant running out the end of í25.


WATTS, MATTHEW: Actually, the end of this year.


DELORIA: The end of í24.


MONTY: Itís running out quicker than you think.


DOTY: And of course, in recognizing that this has been a great experiment and you got lots of great accolades from all over the State, but as we know the Stateís basically broke, so the chance of that grant funding being replaced, means that the County budget will probably be showing a $12-$14 million increase.


WATTS, MATTHEW: No, not for this.


DOTY, No, but EMS combined for all of the budget, whether itís a 2 or 3 year term, my question is this, Iím trying to anticipate how towns like mine, that arenít involved will be billed on a line item for county taxpayers, as is St. Armand is concerned. I think many of your towns are like 50/50, would that be fair to say? So, itís something thatís going to be facing us.


MONTY: Well, you guys get benefits, quite a few benefits, you get your Ironman, covered by the County. You get the coverage at Whiteface. Thereís a lot of coverage that goes on up there.


DOTY: Iím not saying, no coverage, but the degree per taxpayer is going to be a tough thing to decide.


MONTY: I think once you start separating towns out, you know, thereís a lot, the Sheriffís Department, how many times does the Sheriffís Department go down to Newcomb?




MONTY: To Minerva, you know, I donít think, from my own standpoint, separating it out per town is a good thing to do.


DELORIA: And I think Mike Mascarenas, really needs to work with that question.


DOTY: Iím not even suggesting that I know the answer. Iíll always be fair, thatís for sure, youíve seen it with occupancy tax that I support everyone. So, but, Iím saying it could be, it could hold a myriad of problems.


STANLEY, MATT: I think this is a great question to have, when Mike is here to answer it.


WATTS, MATTHEW: Absolutely


STANLEY, MATT: Mike does have some plans and you bring up a good point with the Sheriffís Department, because there are still some towns that pay for their own police department, but yet, they still pay towards the County Sheriffís Department. I mean, I donít even know if this is going to be an actual line item for County ambulance or if it will just be part of the County budget. So, it might be an easy thing to, I mean, you may not have to face it as much as you think you do, but it is a good point to bring up.


DELORIA: Why do you guys get with Mike, on Derekís question and see what you guys can come up with for us.


TYLER; Too bad, we couldnít figure out a way that people have second family homes that they could pay.


DELORIA: I know that, you say this and I will bring this up, although it doesnít belong here. We have this homestead, non-homestead tax rate in Newcomb, you follow me? So, you got all these Airbnb moving in, buying all these homes and theyíre commercializing the homes, but the way the homestead act is written, it has to be a dwelling. So, you canít say itís not a dwelling, if somebody is staying in it for 10 days to a month. You follow me? But, theyíre getting the non-homestead tax rate as opposed to paying the non-homestead, if they were a commercial business.


TYLER: Sounds like a Planning Board issue to me.


DELORIA: No, itís a New York State issue, itís the way they wrote the law.


MONTY: How would you like the question I answered, just before I left to come down here? Weíre buying a piece of property in Lewis, we want to build a home there to put in on for a AirBnB, now do we pay property taxes for that? Because itís not our home.


DELORIA: Certainly you do.


MONTY: And I said, take it to Moriah.


BARBER: Town of Chesterfield, still donít have a contract with them, or Keeseville, I should say?


DELORIA: We had a home come up for sale, most recently, just to bring you into perspective here and we had two realtors, one from Albany and one from Glens Falls call the listing agency and saying, hey we would like to buy that for an Airbnb.


REUSSER: Should we consider, not that this is the place for this, but should we consider, as a Board a moratorium in Essex County on short term rentals until we figure out a pathway forward?


DELORIA: Not from a Board level, we look at that from a Newcomb perspective and we feel that our town zoning laws would be enough to slow things down.


TYLER: My personal opinion on this is, Airbnb are the best of a bad situation, because I would rather have an Airbnb with people in them, then like a bunch of places in Westport, where people have this big homes and theyíre there maybe a week or two weeks out of the year, I would rather have people in town.


DELORIA: Yup, they sit vacant and rundown and not heated.

So, back to this, because weíre pushing our minutes here. Derek, can we move forward with Mike on that for you?


DOTY: Yeah, sure, and I donít mind speaking to him, individually, but itís going to concern all of us.


DELORIA: Okay, anything else to come before this committee? If not we stand adjourned. Thank you.






Respectively Submitted,



Dina Garvey, Deputy Clerk

Board of Supervisors