Monday, February 12, 2024 - 9:30 AM


Mark Wright, Chairperson

Ike Tyler, Vice-Chairperson


Chairman Wright called this Human Services Committee to order at 9:30 am with the following Supervisors in attendance: Clayton Barber, Matthew Brassard, Robin DeLoria, Shaun Gillilland, Charlie Harrington, Kenneth Hughes, Steve McNally, Jim Monty, Cathleen Reusser, Favor Smith, Matthew Stanley, Michael Tyler, Joe Pete Wilson, Davina Winemiller, Meg Wood and Mark Wright. Chris Clark and Derek Doty were excused.


Department Heads present: Emily Evatt, Judy Garrison, Mary McGowan, Mike Mascarenas, Jack Moulton, David Reynolds, Heather Sheehan and Dan Woods.Miriam Hadden and Kristy Sprague had been previously excused.


Deputies Present: Josh Favro, Jennifer Fifield and Krista Moran.


Also present:Carly Summers and Elizabeth Terry.


News Media present: Alania Penny - Sun Community News.


WRIGHT:Alright it is 9:30, weíll call the public safety committee to order.Please stand for the pledge.


MASCARENAS: If I could just make a quick announcement, the Development Authority of North Country is here and they are testing panels.Didnít know they were coming today but itís likely that the alarms are going to go off and they can be deafening they are going to try and silence them as quickly as possible and thereís no need to leave so weíll just continue.


WRIGHT: Alright, weíll start with Veterans.Do you have anything Steve, for Veterans?


McNALLY:Me, no.


WRIGHT:Dan Woods, County Sealer.


WOODS:Good morning everyone. If you turn to the second page, there is a report for January if anybody wants to take a look at it. If you have any questions Iíd be happy to answer.


WRIGHT: Any questions for Dan?


BRASSARD: So when you go into these stores like Dollar General and the prices are wrong does the fine increase if you go back that second time and they are still wrong?


WOODS: It increases for a second failure for the same calendar year.There is a maximum and really a minimum I should be fining.I never really go to the maximum.If a store has failed say, the last seven inspections in a row as some have, I do increase from the minimum even if itís the first failure of that calendar year.


BRASSARD: Okay, thanks.

MASCARENAS: Dan, maybe you can send the board the law.


WOODS: Okay the local law?


MASCARENAS: Yes because it is our local law that determines the fines and process. We developed it Ė when was it Dan?


WOODS:1995 and itís really based off when they were still changing from stickering every single item to having these hand held scanners and it maybe something the board needs to look at because we have it written in our local law you can fine up to $2,000 per wrong price and thatís back when they were expecting three, four wrong items now weíre getting 37, 40 wrong items and if Iím fining $2,000 per Iím fining a small store in Port Henry $8,000 and thatís just something crazy that will take them out of business and push out these stores for these people.


McNALLY:I see this Dollar General 37 overcharges.Have we reached out to other counties and see what they are doing in reference to these Dollar Generals overcharging every single month? Are we letting them off Ė I understand this must be their business practice or the way their business is set up to gouge consumers in Port Henry but we should find out what other counties are doing in regards to fining them.If they are fining them $2,000, letís start fining them the $2,000.


WOODS: Other counties are fining way less than what we are.


McNALLY: Are you sure?


WOODS: I am positive of that. I ask other counties what they are fining, some counties are fining $50 for a whole entire inspection, a $100 for a whole inspection even if they get 10 wrong and Iím writing $8,000, $9,000 instead of their one, $200 fines.The other counties I think the highest revenue expected is $10,000 for fines on the whole year is the highest, the second highest around us.


McNALLY: Are they having the failure rate that we are?


WOODS: They are not having as bad as a failure rate. I want to say in the last six months when they started really paying attention theyíve been scoring 85-95 while weíre still down in 72% average range.


HUGHES: Sounds like we should get the State Attorney General involved.


WOODS: They already are involved.


McNALLY: The fear is them leaving the area which we depend on but if you have to depend on somebody who is robbing you every month thatís not good.


WOODS: I will say these stores are going in the right direction itís just a slow process.I understand 37 looks terrible but if you go back to last year, they werenít even having 37 correct.When I went in there, there was 78 overcharges out of 100, there was 67 overcharges out of 100, and this is working in the right direction. I canít point to the problem and say itís the people or itís the process or itís the company itís not my job to give an opinion on that portion of it I just do the inspections but what I do see is there are not a lot of employees in there. They are relying on self-checkouts and thereís only one person who is unloading freight, doing pricing changes and running the registers when you have to ring a bell for somebody to come up front.I donít think they are hiring enough people but thatís their way of business and we have no control over that.


WRIGHT: Anything else for Dan? Any other questions?If not, thanks.

Board of Elections Ė Jack, Mary.


MOULTON: Alright everybody the first thing in your packets youíre going to find our annual report something we do every year. I know itís a lot of text but it does have a lot of cool information in it so make sure you give it read and we do need a resolution to accept and put that on file.




WRIGHT: Any discussion?All in favor, opposed Ė carried.


MOULTON:The next thing we submitted Iím sure weíll be able to talk about but all of you on the Public Safety committee probably heard from me or Mary or Jim about this but since about the 90ís the counties around us have had their Commissioners on a four year term.Mary and I right now both have two year terms.We would like to extend the term of election commissioner from two years to four years that can be done by resolution of the board thatís allowed in the election law Dan is not here but I did send it to him a long time ago so he could look into it.Like I said all the other counties are doing this since the 90ís I think it would be a really good way for us to put some consistency in the board.Our entire staff serves at will, weíre not really, itís not civil service so I think of them having to fear for their job every two years if we could change that to four years especially in a Presidential year a lot of other counties are having problems with retention and keeping their staff and keeping their Commissioners.I just think this would go a long way in getting it done for us but any questions?


WRIGHT: Okay I have a motion by Mr. DeLoria and a second, Mr. Smith.




WRIGHT:Any discussion? All in favor, opposed Ė carried.


MOULTON:Awesome, thank you. Anything else for us?


WRIGHT: Alright if there is no other questions, thank you.District Attorney, Kristy is not available today.Emergency Services Ė Josh.


FAVRO:Good morning. We have no resolutions this meeting. I did want to point out when you look at your call out reports they are going to look a little different for your departments.Weíre in the process of building that into our CAD we are going to go Monday and have training for that so hopefully next month it will look more like it used to. Are there any questions on that report?


WRIGHT: Any questions for Josh?


MONTY:Josh you and I have had this conversation because I questioned in your report we show response times for a lot of them zero because I am responding, to me because I responded that Iím responding that should in my opinion, that should start when that service is being provided. Granted, I know some of these people go from home to the scene I get that but when youíre going to the squad to get the ambulance or the fly car tome, the time of response should be from the time the call comes in to the time that vehicle starts moving.Is there any way we can look at that? I think that would be a more accurate depiction because itís actually happening for response time because I look at that and see everybody is on the road immediately and fly cars can be because they are out there and thatís their job as soon as they get a call they go but when youíre talking the emergency squads, until that ambulance is rolling to me, thatís not response time.


FAVRO: So from the time of page to the time the ambulance is out of service, is that what youíre saying?


MONTY:Yeah, thatís just my thought.


GILLILLAND: I think thatís the State standard is to response times is the performance of the squad unit.When we were putting together that study originally that was the metric to which we were looking at is call out to rolling. I absolutely agree with that.


MONTY: Thatís what I thought Shaun.To me, I look at it and we should never have a dropped called because everybody is rolling as soon as the call comes in but we still have dropped calls.


FAVRO:We should be able, I donít see why we wouldnít be able to pull that data and have it set up that way.


MONTY; Thank you.


WRIGHT: Anyone else?


HUGHES: Good morning. On the fire department calls is that, are those numbers represented if mutual aid calls as well?


FAVRO:To my understanding thatís every time the fire truck left the base.


HUGHES:So for example, if there is a fire in Willsboro and Essex gets paged out as mutual aid I would see a one for Essex here?




HUGHES: Okay great. Thank you.


MONTY: And that also includes the times the fire departments are paged out to respond with emergency squads too, correct?


FAVRO: It should be the same, yes.


HUGHES:Appreciate it, thank you.


FAVRO: Thank you.


WRIGHT: Anything else?If not, thank you very much.Sheriffís office.

REYNOLDS: I have a couple of resolutions, the first is approval to transfer a 2016 Ford Expedition to the Mineville Boces for use with their security and law enforcement class.




WRIGHT:Any discussion?All in favor, opposed Ė carried.


REYNOLDS: And the second is a resolution of appreciation to the Jailís PA, Richard Jensen who is going to be retiring after about 12 years with the jail.He was instrumental in, he saved the county a ton of money over the years just in taking care of the inmates in house plus with the MAP program we had to create he went and got the licenses so that we could administer to the inmates without having to bring in a special company.




WRIGHT: Thank you.


REYNOLDS: Thatís it. Any questions?


WRIGHT:Thank you.Probation Ė Heather.


SHEEHAN:Good morning everyone. You have a copy of my report and if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.


WRIGHT: Any questions?


HUGHES:Have you guys started the move yet?


SHEEHAN: No we havenít.


MASCARENAS:Itís pretty much ready for carpet.Furniture has been an issue getting furniture that is on State contract is a problem.Heather has looked at a couple of other options to get furniture for the place because it takes about six weeks to get here.


HUGHES: Ikea in Canada?


MASCARENAS: So if we canít we may have to put out a quick, mini bid on that but I think sheís come up with a couple of solutions. The painting is done.Theyíve done a really good job the small crew thatís up there getting that ready they did get the facility for Elections ready a little more quickly. The pod is nearly cleaned out, weíre in good shape there so we are moving slowly but surely and weíre hoping by spring weíll get her in there.


HUGHES: Great, thank you.


WRIGHT: Thank you.Alright, Public Defender.


EVATT: Good morning everyone.I donít have anything to report. I am here if anyone has any questions.


WRIGHT: Any questions for the Public Defender?Okay, thank you very much.Conflict Defender Ė anyone here today?Nope.Anyone have anything else for the committee to bring up?If not, we are adjourned.


††††††††††† As there was no further discussion to come before this Public Safety Committee it was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Judith Garrison, Clerk

Board of Supervisors