Wednesday, February 14, 2024 - 9:30 AM


Robin DeLoria, Chairperson

Clayton Barber, Vice-Chairperson


Chairman DeLoria called this DPW Meeting to order at 9:30 am with the following Supervisors in attendance: Clayton Barber, Matthew Brassard, Robin DeLoria, Ken Hughes, Steve McNally, Cathleen Reusser, Favor Smith, Ike Tyler, Joe Pete Wilson, Margaret Wood and Mark Wright. Shaun Gillilland, James Monty, Matt Stanley and Davina Winemiller were excused.††† Chris Clark, Derek Doty and Charlie Harrington were absent.


Department Heads present: Judy Garrison and Michael Mascarenas.Jim Dougan was absent.


Also present: Alice Halloran and Todd Hodgson.


News media: None present.


DELORIA:Okay weíll call this DPW meeting to order and stand for the pledge please.Iíll start out by saying I love two meetings a week because it gives me a week off from coming up here so letís keep that in mind.

Is Mr. Dougan going to honor us with his presence today?


MASCARENAS: Heís on vacation.


DELORIA: Jimmy is on vacation? Okay Todd come on right up I know we have two resolutions but you can take the lead here and direct us to whatever path you choose us to go on.


HODGSON:Jim probably has a little bit of order that he follows.


MASCARENAS: He usually does resolutions first.


HODGSON: Okay I would like to take exception to that.


MASCARENAS:Thatís okay do what you want youíre in charge.


HODGSON: In the materials that were dropped off to you there was a FEMA DR4723 document, just a single double sided page. I just want to have you take a look at this for just a second.We had roughly twenty-eight projects as a result of the July storms last year.We had actually some excessive damage that occurred at some of those sites from December 18th we have eight of those projects that are remaining. To date, weíve spent roughly, $1.5 million on the twenty that weíve completed. The ones that have not been completed are just out on that table with some estimated costs and expenses to date. I just want to point out that during the December storm you will see thereís a photo here and itís kind of hard to tell but thatís one of the culverts that has washed out one of our banks previously on the Vineyard Road and created and did some real bad roadside erosion.Weíve put a full spreader bar in there, put some shock rock in there that held up marvelously during that storm and will keep us from coming back there in the future so that was money well spent although quite a bit of money to widen that slope out.If you look on the back here, these are a couple of highlights that I just want to point out for project needs.One, is Bradford Hill Road we spent quite a bit of money on Bradford Hill Road trying to rectify that slope situation in part, trying to refrain from building retaining walls and worse yet, avian walls because they have a very short life and fail so weíve laid that slope back on one and three on December 18th that received quite a bit of damage so one of the resolutions that youíll see is for having our term contractor come back and restore that slope sedimentation basin and our ditch line as a result of that storm. Thatís still is being eligible because it is damage on damage but I just want to point that out.

Second is Terry Mountain last, maybe two weeks ago now we met with DEC, myself and Emergency Services we had not actually begun the restoration of that road and weíre going to need to get that done very soon so youíll be seeing that coming to the board here to get that road restored.DEC is adding on some permit requirements because this crosses State land everything is by temporary revocable permit thatís tough to work under sometimes and so thereís going to be some restoration items that are not going to be calculated into the cost so just be aware of that.I just wanted to review that before we got to the resolutions just because that context youíll see in the resolutions that are being requested. You want me to read those resolutions out just quickly then?


DELORIA: Yeah, why donít we.


HODGSON:A resolution authorizing a contract amendment in the amount of $37,500.00, to H&T Engineering Services, PLLC for professional engineering services to include preliminary and final design, permitting and construction drawings for the Amy Hill Road over Rennie Brook culvert and roadway improvement project, located in the Town of Crown Point, with funds to come from budgeted/FEMA funds and further authorizing the County Chairman or the County Manager to execute said contract amendment.




DELORIA:Any questions on this?Being none, all in favor any opposed Ė carried.


HODGSON: Second is a resolution authorizing a contract amendment with Reale Construction in the amount not to exceed $65,000 to address additional emergency damages to the Bradford Hill slope failure site, located in the Town of Crown Point, with funds to come from budgeted FEMA funds and further authorizing the County Chairmen or County Manager to execute said contract amendment.




DELORIA: Any discussion?Now Bradford Hill thatís 61% complete and we are going to amend that contract so we can get it completed?




DELORIA: Any questions? Being none, all in favor, any opposed Ė carried.


HODGSON: Okay thatís resolutions. I want to just Ė I donít know that Jim reads this report? This is quite lengthy from DPW but I would like to highlight a couple of things from the report.


MASCARENAS:Thatís what he does.


HODGSON:Okay so I did literally highlight the areas I would like to address, I left them in yellow so if you go to page 4, under the Main Complex youíll see an item there highlighted for the sewer pump station which we had a terrible time with this little project.Itís too small to bid.Every time we bid it we donít get any results. We have piecemeal successfully, piece by piece the parts that we need and are trying to look at some term contract work done to finish this installation. We have a civil term contract and we bid that actually this year. We do not have an electrical contractor. We have typically have relied on our buildings and grounds personnel to do a lot of the electrical work around here. We lost one of those employees this past year that did electrical work and so just be aware that we may be coming to the board for a bid for a term contractor to take care of some of these smaller items. I say smaller wiring in those panels and so forth can get quite involved because you are dealing with a number of codes and standards, exposure proof conditions all of those things and pump stations are otherwise pretty expensive but we found that itís been pretty cost effective to use a term contract to do those things because we are able to kind of piece by piece get them to take care of any smaller chunks and the liability and risk is lower so thatís that item.

If you flip over to the next page, page 5 we have identified the issue for the main complex and then if you go to page 7, youth and ag building those are just some schedule updates. We did conduct an in-house review on that and we have a pretty aggressive schedule to get that project bid so you guys should just be aware of that. Thereís going to be a lot going on there this year for construction.Thereís the old jail utility relocation one of those is also electric.You know back in the day when they constructed these facilities a lot of the utilities run from building to building so itís created quite a labyrinth of electrical work that needs to be taken care of so because we are down the electrician position that we did have we need to again, be reaching out to you guys to get approval to have a term contractor.


TYLER: Maybe Mr. Scozzafava heís an electrician, maybe heíll take it.


HODGSON: I know maybe we can have him.


BRASSARD: I was just going to say I know someone who is retired, maybe heíll come back.


DELORIA: I will speak to those sewer pump stations because we have electricians on staff too but the components inside those are electronic and if you really donít have that level of technology built into the skills in your work experience youíre not going to touch it anyway so we ended up hiring out for that but again, itís you need the professionals to do that type of stuff.


HODGSON:†† Yup. I spend a fair amount of time in electric panels figuring them out but the hard thing is that there is a lot of locating to be doing and thatís going to be time consuming.So I think those are the only highlights. Thereís a lot more here but those are the only things that really stick out to me and that okay I really need to make you guys aware of what is coming so other than that, any questions on the report?

TYLER: Iím not on the committee but I see Terry Mountain the State is mandating this extra work Iím sure they are going to donate some money towards that project.


HODGSON: Yeah, we are getting FEMA funds hopefully to cover our 75% but that is going to be a tough one.


TYLER: No, Iím being a little fictitious, I understand.


MASCARENAS:The Terry Mountain site really too, is the only site we actually own in terms of our radio sites. I think and Iíve talked to Matt a little bit about this, Dan Palmer talked about it years ago this isnít an idea I came up with overnight but with the cost of that site we need to at some point question whether we should even own it.If we could come up with some sort of Ė sell it or long term lease agreement with sale itís something we have to look at and make a decision at some point in time whether that makes sense for us.


DELORIA:Considering the estimated cost just to do the repairs itís probably a good avenue to go down and see where it ends up.


MASCARENAS:Yeah and just the normal maintenance, I mean this is repairs but weíre hiring tree cutters all the time and thereís power issues going up that road thereís a lot that happens on a normal year that adds a lot of cost to that project, let alone when you have disaster type work that needs to happen and getting people up there is really hard. We do have vendors up there, people that rent space on our tower and do those things but I think we do have to look at it and I have kind of put Emergency Services on notice.


TYLER:It seems like we donít do it justice if we donít talk about Terry Mountain at least every couple of months.


MASCARENAS: Absolutely.


HODGSON: Yeah, they drive the fuel truck all the way up there which is, if youíve driven up there itís kind of remarkable.


TYLER: Iíve had the convicts up there a few times.


HODGSON: The what?


TYLER: The convicts up there a few times.


DELORIA:What is the distance of that road Todd?


HODGSON: A couple miles.


DELORIA: Oh, it is that far?


MASCARENAS: Straight up.


REUSSER: What town is Terry Mountain in?


HODGSON:Thatís actually in Clinton County. We own the property.

MASCARENAS: Yeah, at the time we did the radio project it was a key site for us in order to be able to complete our path so that of non-failure which is why we own it.Now every other site we have equipment on those sites, we have lease agreements we have those types of things with people but the maintenance of that site Iím not sure is even worth what weíre getting in terms of revenue off that site so it is something we have to really look at.


DELORIA: Now is the onus on us to maintain the road for access because we own the tower?


MASCARENAS: We own the property so Ė


HODGSON: We are responsible in charge of the maintenance of the road.


DELORIA:So if they canít get up there they are going to be jingling Jim or Todd?


MASCARENAS: Absolutely, thatís what happens a lot of time, energy and effort spent on that.


DELORIA: Iím all in favor of looking for an alternate solution for sure before we spend another $300,000 or more on just flattening it out so people can access it.Interesting.Any comments on that?Okay, Todd youíre excused. Thank you.


Next on the agenda was Soil and Water with Alice Halloran reporting.


HALLORAN:So I brought some copies of our annual newsletter. I know Renee sent it to everyone, so if you want copies I have those.Our tree sale is going strong we are starting to run out of things.We got all our annual reports into the state so we should be good on that front and still looking for interns.If you know anyone in your area.


MASCARENAS: For summer?


HALLORAN: Summer interns.


DELORIA:Alice, whatís the deadline on the trees that are being offered?


HALLORAN:I think itís March 5th.


DELORIA: Would you resend that to everybody and then we can reach out to our community members if they desire to buy something with roots and perhaps even come up with a rack truck if we get enough of them sold.So if you could send that to us we can permit the public to buy those I presume?


HALLORAN:Thatís what it is, itís a public sale.


DELORIA: Alright, I will watch for that.


WILSON: Alice, would you mind sending me the intern announcement or job description?


HALLORAN: I will send that out.


WILSON: Okay because I have some candidates.Do they have to be 18?Have a driverís license?

HALLORAN:Driverís license is required.


WILSON: Thank you.




DELORIA: Does anybody else have anything for Alice?If not, Alice thank you.Okay I didnít beat the McNally record but meeting adjourned.


††††††††††† As there was no further discussion to come before this DPW meeting it was adjourned at 9:46 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Judith Garrison, Clerk

Board of Supervisors