Eating Healthfully & Understanding Weight

Eating health-fully is one of the most important things you can do for your health!

On this page:

  • product labeling systems that make finding healthier foods easier;
  • recipes from trusted sources that help you plan & prepare great meals;
  • find local farmers, farmer’s markets and other local resources; and
  • video library to help you learn about the connection between foods, weight and obesity.

Product Labeling Systems

Guiding Stars System – Guiding Stars is a product labelling system that uses stars to helps shoppers select good, better & best food options.  Look for Guiding Stars at Hannaford.

NuVal – Nutrition Made Easy   Nuval is a product labeling system 0-100 scoring system that helps shoppers make informed choices about foods.   Look for NuVal scores at Price Chopper & Tops.

These product labeling systems can be found on the price label.

Local Info

Adirondack Harvest – Find Farm Fresh Foods & Local Products

Hannaford Free Classes & Demos

Recipe Links

All Recipes – Healthy Recipes Section

American Diabetes Association – Recipes for Healthy Living

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) – Healthy Eating Recipes

Food Network – Diabetes Friendly Recipes

My Recipes – Diabetic Recipes

Mayo Clinic – Diabetes Meal Plan Recipes

National Institutes of Health – Healthy Eating Recipes

Understanding Obesity Videos

Weight of the Nation

The Skinny in Obesity Episodes