Every Monday  8:30 AM – 12:30 PM   AND   Thursday 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Infant lead screenings and child seats for eligible families are available at these clinics.

Appointments preferred – call (518) 873-3500.

Immunization Fees

We can only bill: Medicaid, Medicare Part B, Child Health Plus, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield or Fidelis Managed Care. You must present cards at visit to receive vaccine at no charge.

Immunization Price List

We can now accept payment with GovPayNet – so you can swipe your debit or credit card here at our office or pay online.

Before you pay with GovPayNet we advise you to read the 2017 GovPayNet Fee Schedule and 2017 GovPayNet Terms of Service.





Please call our office at 873-3500 if you have questions about immunizations, fees or payment.

Top Immunization searches

Current immunization recommendations

School Requirements

Top 20 Questions and Answers About Immunizations 

Traveler’s Vaccinations

We also field calls about vaccines and cancer prevention – such as the HPV vaccine.  Hear from real people in this video.

Traveler’s Clinics

  • Mountain Medical Urgent Care Services call 523-7575 or 897-1000
  • Plattsburgh Industrial Med. Testing call 562-2009
  • St. Lawrence County Department of Health Department call (315)386-2325
  • Warren County Public Health call 761-6580
  • In Vermont, UVM Travel Clinic call (802) 847-1045

Required Activities

As a local health department we must:

  • ensure compliance with all immunization statutes and regulations;
  • assist with and follow-up on school immunization surveys;
  • provide education regarding the risks and benefits of immunizations for consumers;
  • conduct quality assurance activities with community health care providers including immunization practices, proper vaccine storage and handling, and compliance with immunization reporting requirements;
  • ensure proper stewardship of immunization resources and serve as a safety-net immunization provider; and
  • apply cost-based charges and make reasonable attempts to bill and collect fees for immunization services.