The US is currently experiencing the worst outbreak of measles in more than 25 years. Un-vaccinated children can often attend school where they may spread the disease to other un-vaccinated students, some of whom cannot receive vaccines due to medical conditions. Given current outbreaks in New York, a new law passed June 13th, 2019 that will help protect the public amid this ongoing outbreak.

6/13/2019 — Statement on Legislation Removing Non-Medical Exemption from School Vaccination Requirements

School Vaccination Requirements – NYSDOH Site Including Frequently Asked Questions

2019-2020 NYS Immunization Requirements for School Attendance Printable

Call for appointments 518-873-3500. 

COVID-19 Vaccine

At this time we are not providing COVID-19 vaccinations as the Health Department. However we are working on community-based clinics to increase access to COVID-19 vaccine. When clinics are established, please find information about dates, times and places on our COVID-19 Clinics page.

Immunization Fees

We can bill Medicaid, Medicare Part B, Child Health Plus, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield or Fidelis Managed Care.  Present your card at your appointment to receive services at no charge.  If you are not covered by these health insurances we will provide you a receipt for service that you may submit to your insurance company to seek reimbursement.

This Department charges an at-cost rate plus administration fee —our rate/fees are adjusted down using a sliding fee scale based on household income.

We can now accept payment with GovPayNet – so you can swipe your debit or credit card here at our office or pay online.

Before you pay with GovPayNet we advise you to read the 2017 GovPayNet Fee Schedule and 2017 GovPayNet Terms of Service.

Please call our office at 518-873-3500 if you have questions about immunizations, fees or payment.

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Current immunization recommendations

School Requirements

Top 20 Questions and Answers About Immunizations 

We also field calls about vaccines and cancer prevention – such as the HPV vaccine.  

Required Activities

As a local health department we must:

  • ensure compliance with all immunization statutes and regulations;
  • assist with and follow-up on school immunization surveys;
  • provide education regarding the risks and benefits of immunizations for consumers;
  • conduct quality assurance activities with community health care providers including immunization practices, proper vaccine storage and handling, and compliance with immunization reporting requirements;
  • ensure proper stewardship of immunization resources and serve as a safety-net immunization provider; and
  • apply cost-based charges and make reasonable attempts to bill and collect fees for immunization services.

Traveler’s Clinics

Mountain Medical Urgent Care Services call 518-523-7575 or 518-897-1000

Plattsburgh Industrial Med. Testing call 518-562-2009

St. Lawrence County Department of Health Department call 315-386-2325

Warren County Public Health call 518-761-6580

In Vermont, UVM Travel Clinic call 802-847-1045

Traveler’s Vaccinations