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2022 Community Health Survey Summary

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Here are 3 great resources to get you started:

Healthy ADK is a project of the North Country’s Population Health Improvement Program, maintained by Adirondack Health Institute in collaboration with local agencies.  Data sets include health, economy, education, environment, government, public safety, social environment & transportation.

The NYS DOH Prevention Agenda Dashboard provides state and county level data based on the state’s Prevention Agenda including indicators for disparities, healthy & safe environment, chronic diseases, communicable diseases, women, infants & children and mental, emotional & behavioral health.

County Health Rankings is a resource allowing for health outcomes and factors reports for counties across the United States. It helps viewers understand how health is influenced by where we live, work, play and work.

For assistance using these sites or to request data, please contact Essex County Health Department at (518) 873-3500.

Community Health Assessment & Planning

Community Health Assessment and Planning is one of the core services of local health departments.  It involves the regular and systematic process of examining the health status of a population to:

1) determine the general and disease-specific health of the community;

2) assess underlying causes of poor health in the community;

3) plan for the use of resources to address identified health priority needs; and

4) evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives and programs.

This Department follows the Take Action Cycle – described well by the County Health Rankings.

This Department, in collaboration with local hospitals and as part of a regional Community Health Assessment & Planning Committee, is has been actively engaged in data collection and analysis during the 2019 year.

Data collection includes hundreds of indicators from numerous local, state and national data sources and looks at qualitative and quantitative data.

Community Health Assessment and Improvement/Service Plan 2022-2025

The Essex County Health Department in collaboration with Elizabethtown Community Hospital and Adirondack Medical Center are asking Essex County residents to complete the Community Health Needs Assessment survey. Results from the survey will guide the work of Essex County Health Department (ECHD) and its healthcare partners in improving the health of Essex County residents.

Community Health Assessment and Improvement/Service Plan 2019-2021

The purpose of the Community Health Assessment (CHA) 2019 and Community Health Improvement/Service Plan (CHISP) 2019-2021 is to demonstrate an ongoing understanding of the significant health needs of Essex County residents and actions necessary to address these needs.

Significant attention was given to creating a report that is not only informative to the lead agencies engaged in the assessment, but one that is useful to a wide variety of individuals, groups, and organizations. This is because in order to improve the health of communities, the whole community must engaged. 

This report continues a long history of data gathering and analysis from a variety of sources including local, regional, state and national entities.  It includes primary and secondary data; as well as quantitative and qualitative data.  

Several components of this assessment are improvements from previous assessments.  The enhancements include:

  • Integration of input from local residents and community stakeholders;
  • Consideration of health by sub-population;
  • Identification of disparities in health by sub-population;
  • Examination of local social determinants of health; and
  • Identification of community assets that can be mobilized to improve the health of our community.

Additionally, higher levels of engagement were achieved through intervention planning efforts from previous assessments.  This includes:

  • Convening work groups to review health outcomes and contributing factors
  • Engaging partners to evaluate contributing factors to determine true root cause(s) that lead to poor health outcomes and disparate health indicators in certain communities, groups, locations;
  • Working to examine the existing assets/programs/initiatives; and
  • Collectively selecting the strategies that are most likely to result in measurable health gains; address the disparities identified; and be implemented successfully among partners.

We encourage residents, community leaders, organizational executives, and everyone interested to read this report about resident health including the community plan for addressing priority health needs.

Because of the size of this report, contents for web display are broken into Parts as downloadable below. Appendices are also available as downloadable documents; below.

ESSEX_CHA_CHISP_Cover-ContentsDownload ESSEX_CHA_CHISP_Executive SummaryDownload ESSEX_CHA_CHISP_Part I IntroductionDownload ESSEX_CHA_CHISP_Part II CHADownload ESSEX_CHA_CHISP_Part III CHISPDownload ESSEX_CHA_CHISP_Part IV Dissemenation PlanDownload ESSEX_CHA_CHISP_Part V Appendices ListDownload Appendix 1 ARHN Stakeholder Survey ReportDownload Appendix 2 ARHN Essex County Health Indicators Data SheetsDownload Appendix 3 ARHN Community Profile Data SheetsDownload Appendix 4- Collaborative Committees ListDownload Appendix 5 Distributed Focus Group Analysis ReportDownload Appendix 6 Community Survey Analysis ReportDownload Appendix 7 Stakeholder Survey Analysis ReportDownload Appendix 8 Master Source ListDownload Appendix 9 PrioritizationMatrixDownload Appendix 10 CHISP Work Plan.pdf(small)Download

2016-2018 Assessment & Planning

Essex_Combined_CHIP CSP Progress Report 2018 FinalDownload
Essex_Combined_CHIP CSP Progress Report 2017



Community Health Assessment 2016; Improvement & Service Plan 2016-2018













2013-2015 Assessment & Planning

Essex County CHA 2013 Final

Community Health Improvement Plan, 2014-2017 – Essex County CHIP 2013 Final.