Vaccination Distribution

COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed in phases based on need and risk.

New Yorkers who are more likely to be exposed to the virus, and who are more likely to become seriously ill if they get COVID-19, are being offered the vaccine first. Plans are in place to ensure that everyone will be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as large quantities are available, at no cost no matter where they live.

Each phase is expected to take a few weeks to complete. Please note at this time, only those who have been prioritized for vaccination will be invited to register for a vaccination clinic.

Vaccination phasing, time-frames, and the number of administering providers is changing and expanding rapidly. View up-to-date NYS Vaccine Distribution Information

While availability is limited in the initial weeks of the vaccination program, more and more New Yorkers will become eligible as the vaccine supply increases.

New York State has launched a new “Am I Eligible” app to help New Yorkers determine their eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination, connect them with administration centers, and schedule appointments. Access the app, find the latest information concerning the vaccine and its administration.