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Environmental Health

Most Environmental Health Services for Essex County are conducted by a NYSDOH District Office (covering Essex, Franklin & Hamilton Counties) under the categories of:

  • Community Environmental Health and Food Protection
  • Environmental Health Exposure Investigation, Assessment and Response
  • Environmental Radiation Protection
  • Individual Water and Sewage Systems
  • Public Water Supply Protection
  • Public Health Nuisances
  • Realty Subdivisions
  • Tanning Facilities.

New York State Department of Health District Office

41 Bernard Street  Saranac Lake, NY  12983

Phone: 518-891-1800     Fax: 518-891-5895     

Email: saranaclake@health.ny.gov

NYSDOH Food Safety Site

Regulations & Permit Requirements

Temporary Food Service Permit – Guidance for Vendors & Community Event Organizers

Food Recall Information

Mold and Health

Learn about mold, cleaning your home and preventing future growth with these New York State Department of Health resources below.

Mold & Your Home: What You Need to Know

Blue Green Algae and Health

Blue-green algae are microscopic organisms that occur naturally in lakes and streams.  They can form dense blooms that discolor the water or produce floating scums.  Some blue-green algae produce toxins which can cause health effects in people and animals.  Blue-green algae itself can cause health effects in people and animals when water with dense blooms is contacted or swallowed or when airborne droplets are inhaled.

Health effects associated with exposure to blue-green algae blooms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; skin, eye or throat irritation, allergic reactions or breathing difficulties.  If you have been exposed to blue-green algae blooms rinse off with clean water immediately and consider medical attention for the health symptoms noted above.

Reporting Blue-green algae

Public/Regulated Beaches: contact the NYSDOH environmental health district office at 891-1800 or saranaclake@health.ny.gov

Other Surface Water/Bathing Areas that are not regulated by NYSDOH: follow the instructions under Report It! on the DEC Harmful Algal Blooms website

Boil Water Orders

Boil Water Notices may be posted here, but information for your water district will always be available through your Town office.7/24/2018 — Boil Water Order is in effect for Wadhams Water District.

Boiling Water and Emergency Disinfection-NYSDOH

Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water-EPA

Our Environmental Health Services

Lead Paint Safety for Painting, Maintenance & Renovation

Other required Environmental Health Services that the Essex County Health Department conducts include