Essex Updates on COVID-19

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Local Notices

8/26/2020 Yesterday, the Essex County Board of Supervisors, which has the dual responsibility as the Essex County Board of Health overseeing the Essex County Health Department (ECHD), issued a request to suspend visitation at all nursing home facilities in the county. Read the full Press Release by clicking on the link above.

8/18/2020 It is with great sadness that today we must announce the first death of an Essex County resident due to complications related to COVID-19. The individual was a resident of Essex Center in Elizabethtown. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones, and the healthcare workers who helped care for this individual. Read the full Press Release by clicking on the link above.

7/28/2020 COVID testing continues to be a topic that generates lots of questions and concerns for residents. The Essex County Health Department would like to provide our community members with some updates regarding the testing landscape in the region, as it has changed quite significantly from the early days of the pandemic. Read the full Press Release by clicking on the link above.

5/27/2020 The phased reopening of New York State is well underway. As we approach Phase 2, the Essex County Health Department (ECHD) has fielded lots of questions about the reopening process. We would like to help answer these questions and provide an update about where we stand with our coronavirus response activities. Read the full Press Release by clicking on the link above.

5/14/2020 The Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties are working together on many fronts in order to develop a safe COVID-19 reopening of the North Country region. One of those collaborative efforts is from the local health departments (LHDs) throughout the region. Read the full Press Release by clicking on the link above.

5/8/2020 New York State is forging ahead with a phased approach to reopen. While ensuring precautions are in place to maintain the continued downward trend in hospitalizations, new infections, and deaths – preventing nursing home infections remain a major priority. Read the full Press Release by clicking on the link above.


As the director of your local health department, I wanted to take this opportunity to answers some questions during this uncertain and stressful time. We hope that you continue to look to us not only as a source of reliable information, but as an accountable, trustworthy organization that strives to meet your needs. Read the full message here:

4/7/2020 The Essex County Health Department (ECHD) is reporting 2 additional suspect cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday afternoon. This brings the total number of suspect cases to 7. A suspect case means that a healthcare provider has clinically determined that the patient meets a case definition for COVID-19. The total number of lab confirmed positive cases remains at 9. Currently, there are 10 people in isolation, 21 people under a mandatory quarantine order, and 10 people under precautionary quarantine. Four individuals have recovered. A total of 115 tests have been processed to date. Read the full Press Release by clicking on the link above.

3/31/2020 Two more positive case of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Essex County, bringing the total number of cases to seven. One of the confirmed positive cases is a student who has since returned to their university residence in another state. ECHD is coordinating isolation of this individual with health officials in that state and is conducting contact tracing to cover the time they were in the county. The remaining six confirmed cases are under isolation orders here. Another 34 residents are under quarantine due to travel or exposure history. To date, 85 COVID-19 tests have been processed. Read the full Press Release by clicking on the link above.

3/26/2020 – It has been requested and we’re listening! From today forward we will be providing a daily count of confirmed cases and number of people in quarantine.

  • 5 confirmed cases under mandatory isolation
  • 33 people in mandatory quarantine
  • 55 people have been tested

These numbers don’t tell the whole story. Not all people seeking testing have been able to receive testing due to limited supplies. Providers are currently following strict criteria for testing. It is anticipated that testing will be more available as supplies become more available.

A note about our Isolation & Quarantine mechanisms:

The Essex County Health Department is responsible for issuing and maintaining Isolation and Quarantine orders and subsequently discontinuing those orders, when appropriate. Anyone placed under an isolation or quarantine order receives daily follow-up and monitoring from the health department. Individuals placed under isolation are those with confirmed cases of COVID-19. At this time, confirmed cases are only those people with a lab-confirmed positive result; not those who were unable to access testing. The only individuals placed under quarantine are those with known recent international travel or known close or proximate contact with someone who has a confirmed (via lab test) case of COVID-19. Individuals who are seen by a healthcare provider for COVID-19 symptoms and who are not tested, but receive the recommendation to self-isolate because of suspect COVID-19, are not tracked or monitored by our health department at this time.

Individuals who receive a recommendation from their healthcare provider to “self-isolate” should follow these instructions very carefully. Self-isolation means:

  • stay at home
  • separate yourself from other members in the home; use a separate bedroom and bathroom
  • do not go to work, school or public areas
  • do not use public transport like buses, trains, or taxis
  • avoid visitors to your home

Ideally, self-isolation should also be adopted by anyone who is living with someone who has symptoms of the coronavirus.

These are the best tools we have to flatten the curve, reduce the spread, and balance hospital capacity with need, short of testing everyone with symptoms.

3/21/2020 Second and Third Case of COVID-19 Confirmed in Essex County. Two news cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Essex County. The Essex County Health Department (ECHD) learned of the second and third case on Friday evening and Saturday morning, respectively. The newly identified cases are a husband and wife who had travel history and had been self-isolating at home. Staff are identifying and reaching out to anyone who may have had close contact with the confirmed cases, which appears at this time to be limited. Any person who may have an exposure risk will receive information and guidance from ECHD. Read the full Press Release by clicking on the link above.

3/11/2020 Potential Exposure – Lake Placid, Hannaford Supermarket – Patrons that shopped at Hannaford Supermarket located at 45 Hadjis Way, Lake Placid, on March 11, 2020 during the hours of 11:30AM – 12:00PM or 3:00PM to 4:30PM have a potential risk of exposure to COVID-19. Please monitor your temperature twice a day for 14 days. If you develop symptoms (fever over 100.4, cough, shortness of breath) please contact your healthcare provider for further guidance. Tell them you may have been exposed to COVID-19.

NYSDOH Coronavirus site

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Coronavirus site

Coronavirus Information for Travelers (CDC Site)

New Yorkers can call 1-888-364-3065 with questions or concerns about travel and symptoms