The following forms are Available through the Essex County† Office Emergency Services to better assist the residents of Essex County.


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Need to request a new Essex County Address?† Fill this form out to be assigned one.

New Firefighter?† Make sure to fill out this form prior to your first training.

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Attending a NYS Academy of Fire Science training?† Fill this form out first.†

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Claiming Firefighterís or EMS Personnel tax credit?† This form will help you with that.

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Want to know more about what goes on in the Essex County Dispatch Center?† This brochure can help you with that.

Want to volunteer to be part of the Tri-County Animal Rescue Team.† You are on your way with this form.

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Asbestos was used in the construction of many older homes and buildings, especially those built prior to 1990, due to its fire-resistant properties. Its presence in insulation, siding, ceiling materials, roofing shingles and some types of paint are major concerns because the toxin can be released into the environment during fires and storms - including hurricanes, tornadoes or floods.  For more information on asbestos exposure please visit this page:

Need a copy or details of a fire/incident report/investigation.† This needs to be filled out first.

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Asbestos Awareness and Safety

Firefighter Of The Year Award

Know a Firefighter that has put in 50+ Years?† Click on the link below to see how you can help them receive the recognition they deserve!


Essex County Fire Chiefís Website

Firemenís Association of the State of New York

Essex County Fire Department Mailing List 

Office of Fire Prevention & Control

Essex County EMS Squadsí Mailing List

New York State Fire Academy