Essex County Treasurers OfficePlease follow the steps below to create a file which you can dowload to your computer. This file will be a comma delimited text file (.csv) which can be imported into Excel and other spreadsheet and database software. Step 1:Please select the fields for your file:

Please note: address data is from the original tax bills and is not necessarily the owner's current address.  Assessments are from the tax rolls and should not be used for current assessment comparisons. Please visit Real Property for current assessments.Step 2:Please select the fields you wish to sort the file on. You may use up to 4 sorts.and then by:and then by: and then by:Sort by:Please select the Towns you want from the list below:Step 3:

Step 4:Please select the Tax Year or Tax Years you wish included in this file.

Step 5: Please click this checkbox if you wish to include tax data that has been paid: Click "CREATE FILE", and then click "DOWNLOAD" when it appears.Step 6: Tax Search Return to Treasurer's Page Home Best viewed in IE, medium text size