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7514 Court Street, PO Box 217
Elizabethtown, New York 12932
Fax: (518) 873-3751
The Office of Community Resources assists the local Municipalities plan, prioritize, develop, fund and manage capital and community development projects. By providing a comprehensive planning & administration approach, we help address and fund the critical infrastructure projects that shape the growth, sustainability & resiliency of the communities.

Our core competencies are municipal & financial planning, public funding acquisition, financial & public funding administration, project and management within the areas of water and sewer treatment works, public utilities, public environmental protection & improvement, public recreation, and historic preservation, as possible.

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Jessica DesLauriers, Grants Administrator

Caroline Hillyard, Adminstrative Assistant

Robert Wick, Project Management Specialist

Hannah Jacques, Project Coordinator

Lynn Donaldson, Deputy Director, Community Development Coordinator

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(meets the 2nd Monday of each month)

Chairman: Tyler 
Vice-Chair: Holzer
Supervisor: Merrihew
Supervisor: Harrington
Supervisor: Winemiller
Supervisor: DeZalia
Supervisor: Rand
Supervisor: Hughes
Supervisor: Monty

* includes:
1. IDA
2. Community Resources
3. R.O.O.S.T.
4. Publicity
5. Historian
6. Cooperative Extension

Planning, a Sub-Division of the Community Resource Department

7514 Court Street, P.O. Box 217
Elizabethtown, New York 12932
Fax: (518) 873-3751

If you are inquiring about a town land use class, building permit or zoning regulation, please visit the specific TOWN code enforcement officer.

Our mission is to provide tools and services required to implement community development goals for Essex County municipalities. Technical assistance is provided by researching, writing, and administering grants for upgrades, implementation, and expansion of community facilities, such as water and wastewater, parks and recreation areas, and habitat restoration. Assistance also includes issues of historic preservation, housing rehabilitation, Smart Growth implementation, energy efficiency, zoning, and comprehensive planning.

What we do: Rack Card (.pub), Rack Card (.pdf)

Essex County Fairgrounds – the marketing and rental of the Essex County Fairgrounds in Westport.

Purpose and procedure for municipalities to refer zoning actions to the Essex County Planning Board (fillable)

General staff activities – office staff serve as the county representatives for several local and regional organizations, including:

  • Champlain Watershed Improvement Coalition of New York (CWICNY)
  • St. Armand Strategic Planning Team
  • Minerva Local Waterfront Planning Committee
  • Essex Co. Water Quality Coordinating Committee (WQCC)
  • Farmland Protection Planning
  • Local Government Technical Training Opportunities
  • Willsboro Local Waterfront Planning Committee
  • NY Citizens Advisory Committee – Lake Champlain Basin Program
  • Town Sewer/Water Infrastructure Committees (multiple)
  • Essex County Housing Coalition

Environmental permitting & review – office staff evaluate proposed projects, determine what permits may be needed, and submit permit applications as required. The staff conducts environmental assessments of proposed projects for grant applications, and to fulfill grant program requirements in accordance with New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) rules and regulations. There is an NRCS/USDA soil survey of Essex County available for public viewing; digital copies may be requested.

General Municipal Law 239M, N Review – under NYS General Municipal Law Section 239, municipal planning actions specified by these sections are subject to review by the Essex County Planning Board, which has been designated as the County Planning & Economic Development Committee. All Essex County municipalities entered into an agreement stating that only the following proposed actions shall be subject to referral by the towns to the County:

  • adoption or amendment of a zoning ordinance or local law affecting property within 500′ of a County road or County property;
  • issuance of a special use permit affecting property within 500′ of a County road or County property;
  • approval of site plans affecting property within 500′ of a County road or property;
  • granting of use or area variances affecting property within 500 of a County road or property;
  • approval of preliminary and/or final subdivision plat, or a proposal to develop an undeveloped plat already filed in the Essex County Clerk’s office, affecting property within 500′ of a County road or property.

All other proposed actions under consideration by the town shall be deemed to be of a local nature and therefore exempt from referral to the County, despite provisions of General Municipal Law 239M and/or 239N.


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Essex County Fairgrounds
Westport, New York

Essex County Planning, a division of Essex County Office of Community Resources
Attn: Lynn Donaldson
7514 Court St., PO Box 217, Elizabethtown, NY 12932

Phone (518) 873-3687 | Fax (518) 873-3751
Email: Lynn.Donaldson@essexcountyny.gov

Fairgrounds Rental Program:

For campground reservations, please call (518) 873-3687