Fish Hatchery Ponds
About The Fish Hatchery:

The Essex County Fish Hatchery is operated by the Fisheries Division of the Essex County DPW. The hatchery has been in operation since 1928, Essex County obtained the facility from New York State in 1982.  Since then the hatchery has been very successful at raising brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout. The hatchery property contains 41 acres in the Town of Crown Point along Putnam Creek. The fish raised here are stocked throughout Essex County waters in all 18 towns. Please refer to our stocking lists (Spring 2017 / Fall 2017) for more information on location and numbers. The hatchery plays a vital role in helping keep the balance between recreational fishing opportunities and native species population preservation.

Contact Info:

Fish Hatchery Road
P.O. Box 501
Crown Point, NY 12928
Office: 518-597-3844

– Open to the public 7 days a week 8am-4pm.

Hatchery Staff:

Chris Barber – Supervising Fish Hatchery Technician
Tiffany Pinheiro – Fish Hatchery Technician
Mike Thatcher – Fish Hatchery Attendant