For Scheduling Questions please use the following contact information:

Phone: 1-800-914-9266


Mailing Address: PO Box 217, Elizabethtown, NY, 12932-0217

Doreen Abrahamsen, Transportation Coordinator


Neal Kelley, Supervising Bus Driver


Route 73 Hiker Shuttle Service

The Route 73 Hiker Shuttle will be run on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from August 21st to October 11th from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Current Routes – Updated 8/8/2021

  • We will be resuming fares on August 16th.
    • The Fares are as follows:
      • One Way – $2.00
      • In Town – $0.75
      • Route Deviation – $1.00
  • The Shoppers Route Schedule has been suspended as of July 28th, 2021 until further notice. There will NOT be a shoppers run on August 4th.
  • Starting August 9th, the Cascade Express and the Mountain Valley Shuttle schedules will combined into 1 schedule until further notice due to staff shortages.

**PLEASE NOTE the following is in effect for all routes**

  • Mask/Face coverings for nose and mouth are required to enter and must be worn for the duration of the trip.
  • Hand Sanitizer is provided to be used upon entering the bus.

* The bus may arrive at a stop before the scheduled time. The bus may not leave a stop before the scheduled time.

** Timetables contained herein are estimated times. Weather, traffic, and other circumstances can affect timelines of service. Please contact Essex County Transportation office at 1-800-914-9266 to find out where any particular bus is at any given time.

Suspended Routes – Updated 8/8/2021

^ Shoppers Route is currently suspended until further notice

^^ Casescade Express and Mountain Valley Shuttle are being combined into one route until further notice

Other Counties Schedules

Clinton County: Ausable Route Schedule

Franklin County:  Franklin County’s On-demand Saranac Lake Shuttle | Franklin/Essex Adirondack Route


Please take our most recent public transportation rider survey. This survey includes a recent proposal about the possibility of a future shuttle running from Elizabethtown to the Ticonderoga Senior Nutrition Site and/or Ticonderoga Walmart and back.

Other Resources

(Please note that the Essex County ride share website has been discontinued)

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