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Click on a link below to view the job specification. The Job Descriptions are for informational purposes only. Please check with the Essex County Personnel Office for the most up-to-date and accurate descriptions.
1st Class Lineworker (Lake Placid Electric)
2nd Class Lineworker (Lake Placid Electric)
3rd Class Lineworker (Lake Placid Electric)
Account Clerk
Account Clerk -Typist
Accountant I (County Manager)
Accountant I Trainee (County Manager)
Accounting Supervisor - Grade B (Social Services)
Activities Aide
Activities Attendant
Activities Leader
Administrative Aide to The Clerk of The Board
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police (Village of Lake Placid)
Administrative Officer (Mental Health)
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Driver
Aging Services Aide
AIDS Educator (Public Health)
Animal Control Officer (All Towns)
Apprentice Groundworker (Lake Placid Electric)
Assessors Aide (Town of North Elba)
Assessors Data Technician (Town of North Elba)
Assiistant Technology Coordinator (Ticonderoga Central School)
Assistant Budget Officer (County Manager)
Assistant Building Inspector
Assistant Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Assistant Civil Engineer
Assistant Code Enforcement - Safety Officer
Assistant Cook-Manager (School Districts)
Assistant Day Camp Director
Assistant Director of Community Mental Health Services
Assistant Director of Food Services (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Assistant Director of Nursing
Assistant Director of Patient Services (Public Health)
Assistant Director of Real Property Tax Services
Assistant Electric Meter Service Maintainer (Lake Placid Electric)
Assistant Electric Utility Superintendent ( Lake Placid Electric)
Assistant Golf Course Superintendent (Town of Schroon)
Assistant Head Lifeguard (Towns)
Assistant Jail Administrator
Assistant Motor Vehicle Supervisor
Assistant Nursing Home Administrator
Assistant Project Manager
Assistant Public Defender 1 (Part - Time)
Assistant Public Defender 2 (Part - Time)
Assistant Purchasing Agent
Assistant Recreation Director
Assistant Recreation Supervisor
Assistant Social Worker (Mental Health)
Assistant Swimming Area Director
Assistant Water and Wastewater Superintendent
Assistant Water Superintendent (Towns)
Assistant Youth Bureau Director
Associate Director of Real Property Tax Services
Associate Planner
Audit Clerk (Social Services)
Automotive Mechanic
Automotive Mechanic - Bus Driver (School Districts)
Automotive Mechanic - Cleaner (School Districts)
Automotive Mechanic Helper (School Districts)
Building Inspector III
Building Maintenance Helper
Bus Aide
Bus Driver
Bus Driver Trainee
Bus Driver-Teacher Aide
Business Manager (School Districts)
Camp Counselor
Camp Counselor In Training
Camp Health Director (Seasonal, Towns and Villages)
Case Supervisor - Grade B
Case Supervisor - Grade B (Trainee)
Caseworker Assistant
Cemetery Attendant (All Towns)
Cemetery Supervisor (All Towns)
Certified Peer Specialist
Chief Code Enforcement - Safety Officer
Chief Deputy Sheriff
Chief Lineworker (Lake Placid Electric)
Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Chief Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator
Childrens Services Coordinator (Public Health)
Childrens Services Specialist (Public Health)
Childrens Services Supervisor (Public Health)
Clerk of the Works
Clinical Psychologist
Clubhouse Attendant (Towns)
Code and Zoning Coordinator (Town of North Elba)
Code Enforcement Officer
Commissioner of Recreation and Community Services (Youth Bureau)
Commissioner of Social Services
Community Development Coordinator
Community Health Worker
Community Mental Health Aide
Community Services Aide (Social Services)
Community Services Worker (Social Services)
Computer Operator
Computer Operator Trainee
Computer Programmer
Computer Programmer - Specialist
Computer Programmer Analyst
Computer Programmer Analyst Trainee
Computer Programmer Trainee
Computer Technician (Ticonderoga Central School)
Confidential Secretary to the County Manager
Conflict Defender
Conservation District Field Manager
Conservation District Manager
Conservation District Senior Field Manager
Conservation District Technician
Construction Equipment Mechanic
Construction Equipment Operator
Cook Manager (School Districts)
Coordinator of Child Support Enforcement
Coordinator, Services for the Aging
Correction Lieutenant
Correction Sergeant
Corrections Officer
Counsel to Planning Board (Town of North Elba)
County Highway Superintendent (Administrative)
County Highway Superintendent (Engineering)
County Planning Director
County Transportation Coordinator
Court Attendant - Detention Aide (Sheriff)
Court Attendant (Sheriff)
Custodian - Bus Driver
Custodian - Mechanic (Newcomb Central School)
Custodian (School Districts and Town of Ticonderoga)
Custodian-Mechanic Helper
Data Collector - Mass Appraiser
Data Collector (Emergency Services)
Data Collector Trainee (Emergency Services)
Data Entry Machine Operator
Day Camp Director
Deputy County Auditor
Deputy County Planner
Deputy County Superintendent of Higways
Deputy Director of Weights and Measures
Deputy Emergency Services Director
Deputy Personnel Officer
Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics (Towns)
Deputy Sheriff
Deputy Sheriff - Civil Officer
Deputy Sheriff - Lieutenant
Deputy Sheriff-Lieutenant
Deputy Sheriff-Sergeant
Deputy Superintendent of Water and Streets (Village of Port Henry)
Deputy Veterans Director
Detective (Sheriff)
Detention Aide (Sheriff and Police Departments)
Director of Administrative Services (Social Services)
Director of Children with Special Needs Program (Public Health)
Director of Community Development and Planning
Director of Community Mental Health Services
Director of Fisheries
Director of Food Services (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Director of Integrated County Planning (Youth Bureau)
Director of Nursing
Director of Patient Services (Public Health)
Director of Preventive Services
Director of Real Property Tax Services II
Director of Social Services
Director of Staff and Organizational Development (Social Services)
Director of Transportation, Operations, and Maintenance (Ticonderoga Central School)
Director of Weights and Measures
Director of Youth and Recreation Services
Director, Office for the Aging
Disease Specialist
Dockmaster - Waterways Management Officer (Town of Essex)
Dog Control Officer (All Towns)
DSS Account Clerk
DSS Account Clerk Trainee
DSS Computer Systems Coordinator
DSS Fiscal Manager
DSS Principal Account Clerk
DSS Senior Account Clerk
Electric Meter Reader (Lake Placid Electric)
Electric Meter Service Maintainer (Lake Placid Electric)
Electric Substation Tech
Electric Utility Superintendent (Village of Lake Placid)
Emergency Medical Technician Driver
Emergency Services Call Taker - Dispatcher
Emergency Services Director
Emergency Vehicle Driver
Employee Benefits Specialist
Employee Records Assistant
Enahnced 911 Coordinator
Energy Manager
Engineering Assistant
Engineering Intern
Engineering Technician
Facilities and Events Coordinator
Fairgrounds Facility Supv
Finance Manager
Financial Administrator (County Manager)
Fire Driver (Village of Lake Placid)
Fire Driver and Caretaker (Village of Lake Placid)
Fire House Caretaker
Fiscal Manager
Fish Hatchery Attendant
Fish Hatchery Technician
Food Service Helper
General Mechanic
General Public Works Supervisor
Golf Course Ranger (Towns)
Golf Course Superintendent (Town of Schroon)
Golf Starter (Town of Schroon)
Government Center Safety Network Operations Supervisor
Grant Assistant
Greenskeeper (All Towns)
Groundskeeper - Bus Driver (School Districts)
Groundworker (Lake Placid Electric)
Hazardous Materials - WMD Response Team Coordinator (Part-Time)
Head Bus Driver (School Districts)
Head Camp Counselor
Head Custodian (School Districts)
Head Fire Driver (Village of Lake Placid)
Head Groundskeeper
Head Lifeguard (Towns)
Head Nurse (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Head Social Services Worker
Health and Safety Coordinator
Health and Safety Officer
Health Office Assistant (School Districts)
Health Officer
Health Services Supervisor (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Heavy Equipment Operator
Highway Maintenance Supervisor
HIV-AIDS Educator - Program Coordinator (Public Health)
Home Health Agency Administrator
Home Health Aide
Home Health Aide Coordinator
Homemaker (Social Services)
Housekeeper (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Housing Assistance Aide (Towns of Jay and Wilmington, Village of Lake Placid)
Information Systems Director
In-Service Training Director (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Investigator (District Attorney - Part Time)
Investigator (Public Defender)
Jail Administrator
Jail and Public Safety Buildings and Grounds Coordinator
Job Placement Assistant (School Districts)
Junior Lifeguard
Junior Planner
Junk Control Officer (Towns - Part-Time)
Junkyard Control Officer (Town of Crown Point)
Juvenile Specialist (Probation)
Kitchen Aide (Horace Nye Home)
Laboratory Technician (Village of Lake Placid)
Lake Steward (Town of Schroon)
Landfill Attendant (All Towns)
Landfill Operator
Laundry Worker (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Legal Assistant (County Attorney)
Legal Secretary
Library Aide
Library Clerk
Library Director (Towns)
Library Manager
Licensed Practical Nurse
Line Foreworker
Mail and Supply Clerk
Mail and Supply Clerk Trainee
Maintenance Helper
Maintenance Mechanic
Maintenance Person
Maintenance Person - School Bus Driver
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Supervisor - Housekeeper (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Managed Care Coordinator (Social Services)
Matron (Sheriff)
MDS Coordinator (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Medical Director
Medical Services Assistant (Social Services)
Medical Services Specialist (Social Services)
Mental Health Fiscal Services Administrator
Meter Installation Person (Town of Wilmington)
Micro-Computer Operator
Microfilm Operator (Social Services)
Mobility Trainer
Motor Equipment Operator
Motor Vehicle Administrator
Motor Vehicle Cashier
Motor Vehicle License Clerk
Motor Vehicle Operator
Motor Vehicle Supervisor
Municipal Bingo Inspector (Town of Ticonderoga)
Network Coordinator
Network Technician
Network Technician Trainee
Nursing Assistant (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Nursing Home Administrator
Nursing Home Facility Comptroller
Occupational Therapist (School Districts)
Office Manager
Paralegal (County Attorney - Clerk of the Board)
Paralegal(District Attorney)
Paramedic Driver
Park Attendant (North Elba Park District)
Park Attendant Trainee (North Elba Park District)
Park District Manager
Park District Supervisor (North Elba Park District)
Parking Enforcement Officer (Village of Lake Placid)
Parking Lot Attendant
Payroll Clerk
Payroll Specialist
PC and Network Support Specialist
Personnel Assistant
Personnel Clerk
Personnel Officer
Personnel Technician
Personnel Technician Trainee
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapist. Assistant
Physicians Assistant
Police Chief
Police Officer (Towns and Villages)
Police Sergeant
Preschool Program Coordinator (Public Health)
Preschool Program Manager (Public Health)
Principal Account Clerk
Principal Recording Clerk
Principal Records Manager Clerk
Principal Social Welfare Examiner
Principal Youth Services Worker
Printing Machine Operator (Board of Supervisors)
Probation Aide
Probation Assistant
Probation Director (Group A)
Probation Director I
Probation Director II
Probation Officer I
Probation Officer I Trainee
Probation Program Supervisor (Part-Time)
Probation Supervisor
Probation Supervisor I
Program Director of Services for Children with Disabilities (Public Health)
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator (Mental Health)
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Psychiatric Social Worker
Psychiatric Social Worker Trainee
Public Defender
Public Health Director
Public Health Educator
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Public Health Fiscal Services Administrator
Public Health Intern
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nursing Comptroller
Public Health Outreach Coordinator
Public Health Planner
Public Health Program Coordinator
Public Health Technician
Public Safety Dispatcher (Town of Ticonderoga)
Public Safety Network Operations Supervisor
Public Works Buildings and Grounds Supervisor
Public Works Maintenance Supervisor
Public Works Superintendent (All Villages)
Public Works Superintendent (Town of Westport)
Pumping Station Operator (Raybrook Water District)
Purchasing Clerk
Quality Assurance Compliance Officer (Public Health)
Real Property Tax Service Aide
Real Property Tax Service Supervisor
Real Property Tax Services Aide - Data Collector
Real Property Tax Services Aide II
Real Property Tax Specialist
Recording Clerk
Records Management Clerk (County, Towns, Villages)
Records Retention Aide
Recreation Assistant
Recreation Attendant
Recreation Director
Recreation Leader
Recreation Specialist
Recreation Supervisor
Recreation Trails Attendant (All Towns)
Recycling Attendant
Recycling Coordinator
Recycling Facility Supervisor
Registered Dietitian (Office for the Aging and Public Health)
Registered Physicians Assistant (Town of Newcomb)
Registered Professional Nurse
Research Assistant (Clerk of the Board of Supervisors)
School Auditor
School Bus Driver
School Bus Driver - Cleaner
School Crossing Guard (Towns and Villages)
School District Treasurer
School Lunch Manager
School Monitor
School Physician
School Secretary
School Social Worker
Secretary to the Committee on Special Education
Secretary to the Public Health Director
Security Officer I (Social Services)
Senior Account Clerk
Senior Account Clerk - Typist (Social Services)
Senior Accountant (County Manager)
Senior Aging Services Aide
Senior Assessment Control Examiner
Senior Audit Clerk (Social Services)
Senior Building Maintenance Helper
Senior Buyer
Senior Caseworker
Senior Civil Engineer
Senior Clerk
Senior Clubhouse Attendant (Towns)
Senior Computer Operator (Real Property-Social Services)
Senior Computer Programmer Analyst
Senior Computer Programmer Analyst II
Senior Computer Specialist (Social Services)
Senior Cook (County and all School Districts)
Senior Data Collector - Mass Appraiser
Senior Data Collector (Emergency Services)
Senior Data Entry Machine Operator
Senior Emergency Communications Dispatcher
Senior Engineering Technician
Senior Fish Hatchery Technician
Senior Library Clerk (Town of Ticonderoga)
Senior Licensed Practical Nurse (Public Health)
Senior Maintenance Mechanic
Senior Network Technician
Senior Planner
Senior Probation Officer
Senior Psychiatric Social Worker
Senior Public Health Educator
Senior Public Safety Dispatcher (Town of Ticonderoga)
Senior Public Works Maintenance Supervisor
Senior Purchasing Clerk
Senior Real Property Tax Services Aide - Data Collector
Senior Real Property Tax Specialist
Senior Receptionist
Senior Recording Clerk
Senior Recreation Leader
Senior Registered Professional Nurse (Public Health)
Senior Social Services Investigator
Senior Social Services Worker
Senior Social Welfare Examiner
Senior Stenographer
Senior Support Investigator
Senior Tax Map Technician
Senior Typist
Senior Typist - Receptionist (Social Services)
Senior Youth Services Worker
Sign Maintenance Specialist
Sign Maintenance Supervisor
Sign Shop Worker
Skate Park Supervisor (Town of North Elba)
Ski Area Maintenance Helper (Town of Schroon)
Ski Area Maintenance Mechanic (Town of Newcomb)
Social Services Attorney
Social Services Investigator
Social Services Manager
Social Services Program Management Coordinator
Social Services Worker
Social Welfare Examiner
Social Worker (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Social Worker Assistant (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Software Support Assistant
Software Support Assistant Trainee
Solid Waste Director
Solid Waste Facility Supervisor
Special Assistant to the District Attorney
Specialist, Services for the Aging
Staff Development Coordinator (Social Services)
Staff Psychiatrist
Stockkeeper (Highway)
Stop DWI Coordinator
Street Commissioner (All Villages)
Student Trainee
Superintendent of Buidlings and Grounds
Superintendent of Buildings, Grounds, and Transportation (Moriah Central School)
Superintendent of Water and Streets (All Villages)
Supervising Bus Driver (Public Transportation)
Supervising Bus Driver (School Districts)
Supervising Call Taker - Dispatcher
Supervising Clinical Psychologist
Supervising Community Mental Health Therapist
Supervising Fish Hatchery Technician
Supervising Mechanic
Supervising Nurse (Horace Nye Nursing Home)
Supervising Psychiatric Social Worker
Supervising Public Health Nurse
Supervising Welder
Support Investigator
Supportive Care Manager (Mental Health)
Swimming Area Director
Systems Programmer - Web Developer
Tax Collection Tax Enforcement Specialist
Tax Map Technician
Tax Map Technician I
Tax Map Technician II
Teachers Aide (School Districts)
Technology Coordinator (Ticonderoga Central School)
Teen Outreach Advocate
Telehealth Coordinator
Title Searcher
Tourism Assistant
Tourism Director
Tourist Aide
Town Campsite Attendant (All Towns)
Town Campsite Caretaker (All Towns)
Town Court Security Officer
Town Enforcement Officer (Town of Minerva)
Town Historian
Town Transfer Station Supervisor
Transfer Station Attendant (Solid Waste)
Transfer Stations Supervisor
Transportation Coordinator (Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School)
Transportation Coordinator (School Districts)
Vector Control Aide
Vector Control Technician
Veterans Administrative Assistant
Veterans Director
Veterans Services Program Aide
Victim Services Advocate
Wastewater Maintenance Person (Towns and Villages)
Wastewater Superintendent (Towns and Villages)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (All Villages)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee (Villages)
Water and Wastewater Maintenance Person (Towns and Villages)
Water and Wastewater Superintendent (Town of Schroon and Villages)
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee (Village of Keeseville)
Water Maintenance Person (All Towns)
Water Meter Reader (Town of St. Armand)
Water Superintendent (Towns and Villages)
Water Treatment Plant Operator (Towns and Villages)
Waterfront Director
Welfare Management Systems Coordinator
WIC Nutrition Aide
WIC Nutrition Educator
WIC Program Coordinator
WIC Program Nutritionist
Working Supervisor (County, Towns, Villages)
Youth Bureau Director
Youth Employment Aide (Town of Wilmington)
Youth Planner
Youth Program Coordinator
Youth Project Coordinator
Youth Services Aide
Youth Services Worker
Zoning Enforcement Aide (Town of Newcomb)
Zoning Enforcement Officer (All Towns)